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Thread: 2 x .270

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    2 x .270

    can any one give me a bit of advice in a nut shell i wont two 270 on my ticket the one ive got on the ticket the now is a remmy which i got the barrel cut down to 20in to put mod on, it in a mcmillian stock lovely rifle. but ive got an old 270 mannlicher schoenauer in storeage which i would love to have back to use as a sunday best so to speak

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    Write an accompanying letter with the variation explaining the differences in the rifles and how they are unique in their usage, e.g. one isn't suitable for both jobs.

    Previously i would have said your chances are slim, but a friend only recently got a variation for two 308s. Both open for deer and expanded bullets, both with mods and that was with Strathclyde who are notoriously picky.

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    very surprised with strathclyde i used to be with them and found them horrendous. im now with norther constabulary

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    Mannlicher, I had a problem with the bolt on my Sako last Christmas, so I applied for another deer rifle in a similar (slightly larger) calibre as I need my rifle both to protect land and crops from deer damage and cannot afford to be without one. West Mercia were absolutely fine about it, because I could prove I had a good reason for having two deer rifles. I would think you could argue the same!

    They also conditioned it for fox without me asking, which was nice.

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    As stated it will depend entirlet on how the peson in the licensing depat feels or eve which side of the bed they got out of. I have 4 rifles chambered in .270 Win but was only allowed to shoot one fo them I currently have two to shoot as I am testing out the newly acquired replacement for the .280 project build. It took hourse af debate to get to this stage .

    Good luck you request it simple and has merit but whether they wills ee it that way?

    Good Luck!

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