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Thread: finicky eye relief on variables

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    finicky eye relief on variables

    ive had a few variable scopes overthe years and some ok some not. just mounted a swaro 4x12. the thing that struck me most is that through the zoom range i have to make no head adjustment to maintain a sight picture. ive had nikon monarch and a vx111 that were a pain in this respect, you have to move your head dack or forward on the comb depending on the mag.
    are european scopes generally better than us scopes in this respect. what has put me off a wide mag range in the past has been this irritation but if this is not an issue on a z6 for example then i may be tempted although it would be hard to justify the expense tbh

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    The thing is with Swarovski scopes i have found is that if you buy one at a decent price and some other takes your fancy you usually can sell it for a minmal loss on the price you paid and other than a couple of other makes can make your choice a no risk purchase.. I have had NF and Leupold and when i sold them i lost 1/3 of what i paid, yet when i sold my 3 Swarovskis in fixed mag to variable i lost next to nothing and one i bought from Tain went up in value....

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    Pete it's an indication of quality that you don't need to re-position your head when you change the magnification with a variable scope. This is where some scopes fall short of the standards set by the better known European manufacturers. Like you say when you've used a good scope you don't want to return to an inferior scope.

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    Funny that, I've had some very cheap scopes on both air rifles and firearms, Tascos, Nikkos, Bushmasters and Hunters to name a few. My 308 currently wears a Tasco Titan, a much maligned scope; and differing eye relief is something I've never noticed on any of them. Same with changing POI at different mags.
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    schmidt and bender scopes are guaranteed to be parallax free at 100m.

    I find variable US scopes particulary bad for eye relief especially loopies. But everyone is different.

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