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    South Yorkshire Police

    I would like to make it known what a fantastic service I have just received from South Yorkshire Police.
    I sent in my certificate for a variation but as I did it wrong they only received the correct info on Tuesday, then yesterday lunch time (Friday) I got a call from them asking me to confirm what I wanted to do. I asked the lady if it would be possible to get my certificate back by Tuesday as I have booked a day off work on Wednesday to go and collect a barrel for my Blaser. I knew I was pushing it as they say it takes about two weeks, however she said she would try. To my amazement when I got home my altered certificates were there hand delivered, Sheffield to Barnsley in an afternoon. So thanks to all there for their helpful and efficient service. Top class.

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    Have had a few dealings with them myself, had a issue once which was then resolved but to be honest lately I cant fault them at all.

    Do you do much stalking in South Yorks ? ( I am from Doncaster )

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    Not really, had one buck in three years of actively stalking them in the area (Barnsley), the only one I've seen on my land in season! I can go out and see does with young often but they haven't really been in great enough numbers for me to want to go for the does. However they are building up in numbers quite well now, so I may try and take one later in the winter as I keep seeing 4x4 tracks across the land and the farmer keeps saying "I'd rather you get one than them".
    Do you stalk in the area? My mums side of the family were farmers from Donny but the only one left likes watching the deer from his window and won't let me go for them.
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    Hi mate

    Sorry for the delay in replying, not been on here for a while.

    Yeah I do a bit of stalking round where I am but dont take too many, they tend to attract the fair share of the "subaru crew" round here also so I just take the odd one.

    Where are your mums side of the family based in Doncaster ?

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