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    Live Capture

    Last weekend I attended one of Jelen Deer Services Lantra Awards Live Capture and Handling Courses. During my lifetime I have attended many courses but this one was the most interesting of all of them. The course covered Human Safety, Drug Classification, Animal Anatomy, Anaesthesia, Dose Rates, Darts and Projectors and Practical Demonstration. This was followed by a two hour written examination, followed by a visit to a nearby deer park, where Mike Allison, MD of Jelen Deer Services showed the candidates how a deer should be darted. The candidates took part in forming the immobilisation plan, preparing the dart and other equipment and then shadowed Mike as he darted the deer. The deer (a red hind) had been observed to have a hole in the skin to the Rear right side of her jaw, which Mike suspected could have been an old bullet wound. The hind was then tagged with a yellow "do not eat" tag.

    There being no need for further treatment, Mike demonstrated how to administer the antagonist into the jugular vein and the hind woke up and went off to join her companions, none the worse for her experience. The deer manager of the park would then keep a close eye on her for the next twelve hours or so.

    The course itself was well run, presented and delivered. There was plenty of bacon rolls for breakfast and an unending supply of tea, biscuits and chocolate bars. Presumably the latter was to keep us candidates awake. Not necessary, the course content was enough to ensure the usual course sleep gremlins were held at bay. I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in deer management. Even if you do not want to dart the animals yourself.

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    hi there
    are you now qualified to do live capture and darting,what did the course cost.

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    Having been advised that I have passed the examination, I should get my course certificate in four weeks or so. Mike's course is the only course that is officially recognised (LANTRA). In theory, yes, I have taken the accademic qualification but in taking the course and exam, I realise that there is much more to learn and to get the practical experience, I will put in some time as assistant to a more experienced live capture operative, before going out for my own company as lead operator. The course costs 525 and for what Mike teaches on it, I think worth it. I would also think that it would be a big help in getting a variation for a dart projector, if not essential for a non vet, although for sure there are people with dart projectors who have not taken the course. Since I wanted to add live capture to my skills and my company's portfolio, I felt that a recognised course was the only way to go.

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    A very sensible plan Schwarzwild, i am very confident your course and new skills will become increasingly valuable to both public and wildlife, well done

    good write up too.


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    Thumbs up live capture

    Good looking hinds there. But you could have shown a photo of one of my boys well done on your pass .theres a lot to take in so well done. like i said david you can have some practise here with me at Rowler atb lee

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    Your wish is my command Fox Slayer.

    Two of the boys!!

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    You can be sure I will take you up on your kind offer to let me assist you at Rowler. Just call when you need my help and I will be there.

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    Congratulations on passing your course Dave. Would you be willing to dart a few of my business associates for a mutually agreeable fee? Speak soon. Jase.

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