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Thread: Meopta Artemis 2000 7x50 25mm, MTC Mamba 3-12x44 30mm

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    Meopta Artemis 2000 7x50 25mm, MTC Mamba 3-12x44 30mm

    Hi, as per title...
    Meopta...Few marks to tube, nothing major...Excellent scope, comes with new butler creek flip ups...220 posted RMSD

    MTC Mamba 3-12x44, A4 reticle, Illuminatad dot, slight mark to underside, once again nothing major, comes with the usual flip up covers and allen keys...108.50 posted RMSD...SOLD

    Also a pair of BKL 257 medium 25mm mounts single strap, as new...20.00 posted...SOLD

    Pictures can be sent by e-mail ...just ask...Cheers
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    Hi is the Meopta still for sale??


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    no I own it now! Good scope though

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    Sorry mate I should have updated the thread...I always cuss when others forget to do it...

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    12th scope I've tried to buy and missed out on !! I'll keep trying.

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