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Thread: ridgeline jackets

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    yes, very good kit, very waterproof and well constructed. But too warm for mild weather so mine only comes out in the real fowl stuff when nothing else is about.

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    Very good gear.I have the Roar jacket and trousers plus several other items.Pleased with all of it.

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    yeah i just picked up the ridgleine roar jacket form another link on here for 99quid...think it was uttings bargain clearance no sure.

    wore it 3 days at the grouse flanking in heavy rain.....bone dry ...

    was well worth gamble for 99 quid!!

    sauer / paul

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    thanks for the feed back guys!
    been thinking of taking a good kick at the piggy bank for a new jacket for a while now, must hoke about and see if i can get one of these for a decent price

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    heres the link to where i got mine from...

    dont know if they still doing them but thanks again to whomever it was whom originally put this link up few months ago.

    ps hope that link works for you and that they still have some

    sauer /paul

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