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    Z6 I question

    I know some of you folk use Z6 scopes with the ballistic turret which I am told can be used to zero a bullet for 3 from say 100 yard ,150, to 300 for example so you dont have to change zero all the time ..except by clicking the preset turret. Might seem a daft question but could you use the same turret to zero for two different bullets?? Ie say I use pro hunters for Roe and a zero of inch high at 100 yards with for the first setting. Can I on the next setting on the turret zero it for another bullet of say 130 grain for say 150 yards? I realise the second turret marking wouldnt be good for the first bullet in the case.

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    Here is an interesting article on these scopes. Outdoorsman Ballistic Turret For Swarovski Scopes Review

    I personally prefer the 'Christmas tree' reticle and have set it up for one bullet - Hornady 129gr SP. I like to minimise the things that can change and focus on stalking the deer and taking the shot.

    Rgds JCS

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    Should be perfectly possible to do that, as long as the windage was the same for both bullets. You would use the first/base zero for the round which printed the highest POI, and then use the second mark for the other round which prints lower - you would adjust up to bring it to zero.

    In fact you could have two zero's for each round if you think about it and work it out.

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    Many thanks for your replies gents and will have a look at the links, regards what you say JC , I fully agree, trouble is I use 120 Pro Hunters on Roe and Munti...superb results....just I used them once on two Sika prickett and one failed to exit though both the deer dropped like a stone. Now I know i shouldnt base my conclusions on two shots...but then again the other option is to shoot more deer and see what happens. To me that isnt a nice thing to do.....there is a poor deer on the recieving end and would break my heart to think it was possibly having an slow death. So what I opted to do was use a different bullet that would 'punch' through a Sika,Fallow or Red with no probs, ie a Nolser Partition 125 grain...hence why I am asking about the turrets...does that make sense guys?

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