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Thread: 1963 Parker Hale Safari Deluxe 308 Norma

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    Question 1963 Parker Hale Safari Deluxe 308 Norma

    I am looking to convert the fixed magazine on this rifle with a detachable clip. Loading this gun with the scope on it is somewhat cumbersome and having a pre-loaded clip ready to slip into the rifle would definitely be advantageous in some situations we find ourselves in. My dad bought this gun brand new in 1966 and put a Bausch and Lombe scope on it. Unlike most scope/mount set ups, this has all the adjustments on the mounts rather than the sites. My dad had hoped to get similar mounts for other rifles and move the same scope on the other guns. He never shot an animal with it but I can still remember the target shooting he did with some of the original Norma rounds back then. My brothers took it over when he died in 1990 and abused it. When my mom died in 1994, I convinced them to give it to me as part of the estate settlement. I have since given it to my oldest son who has done his best to restore it. I will forward some pictures over the next few days.

    Here in Alberta we have lots of crown land where we can hunt moose, elk, deer and grouse. We frequently see animals when we are travelling from one spot to another and as we are not allowed to carry any guns with ammunition in the magazine in a vehicle, we have to get out of the vehicle then load the gun. Having a detachable clip would make this process much faster.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to convert it and if so, what are the benefits/disadvantages of doing so.

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    Parker-Hale did make a couple of models with drop mags the 1200C is one but that has an extra lug and hole in the action to locate and retain the mag well. The other was the 1300 SC scout that was in .243 and .308 neither of which could handle your .308 NM. Sorry about that.

    Now there were several after market drop mag conversions but if any would fit with the .308 NM is another matter. They also might require quite a bit of stock carving to fit them.

    If I were you I would acquire anotehr rifle with a drop mag system and leave the Safari as is. Of course with the licensing changes in Canada that might not be so simple

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    Thank you for your thoughts - I would rather leave the rifle as it is that to wreck it trying to install a detachable clip. As we have a number of other rifles with detachable clips, your advice is well taken.

    Did you ever shoot a 308 Norma with the original loads? My brothers shot the last of the old factory loads back in the 80s but had taken one apart to see what the powder looked like. They told me that it appeared to be small sticks of what looked like cordite. The new loads we got from Sweden certainly do not seem to have the power of the old loads.

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    308 Norma

    Hi, back in the 70's a friend of mine had a .308 Norma Mag built on a P14 action, I gave him a hand to shoot up some factory ammo for the cases to reload from memory they were 150 and 180 grain being a big bullet fan he wanted to hunt with 200 grain Speer spizters of which he had acquired 500 at a very cheap price, The factory loads were quite stout and accurate and the recoil was manageable for about 15 shots at a session, his 200 grain reloads were something else again really smacked you about but more accurate than the factory stuff we shot a lot of sub M.O.A 5 shot groups with it, I only hunted once with him with that rifle we never saw anything, He did shoot a large number of deer with it and was very impressed with it.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The serial number on the receiver matches the one on the bolt. The bolt looks like it was machined to allow clearance below the scope.

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    I also have a PH 308 Norma Magnum. I have yet to put it to much use though: it was listed as a "308" at the shop I found it in. I do have a hundred 300WM cases ready to fire-form.~Muir

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    They were definitely nice rifles - I would guess that mine has had less than 200 rounds put through it, likely closer to about 150. To get new rounds for it here in Alberta, we are looking at about $80 cndn for a box of 20 - so it does not get shot a lot. I get a lot more use from my Savage 24 Series M over/under 22lr 20 ga as I limit my hunting to grouse, rabbits and such or my Winchester Model 77 semi auto 22. A fair bit cheaper to shoot and lot more fun. If I were to take up deer hunting, I think that I would go for a 243 or 6.5/57 - nice little guns that one could shoot all day.

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