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Thread: Searching for a .22 magazine

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    Searching for a .22 magazine

    Hi all
    New to the site and asking help! Does anyone have an idea where I could find a replacement magazine for my Slazenger .22LR? Someone borrowed my rifle and lost it! I once borrowed a Brno 5 round mag that seemed to almost fit and fed ok. Any advice or recommendations??

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    What dimensions do your magazine require? I have some spares from various .22lr's I've had when I was younger, but whether or not they'd fit???

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    Its about 7mm x 40mm slot, a slight curve in the mag with flange at base. I dont suppose you have pics of any of these?? I am desperate Id be happy to buy whatever you dont want and try it....


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    I'll be able to get you a picture and dimensions this coming weekend, I 'may' have one that is near those dimensions but cannot be too sure - they're all so different as you know.

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    I went here for a magazine for my Browning 22lr, they do list a slazenger, of course I dont know if it the correct one for your rifle but hope it helps.

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    Thanks guys, Morgy I'll check that out now. PKL looking forward to see the pics.

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