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Thread: Gralloching Video

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    Gralloching Video

    Hi All,

    When i did my Game Meat Hygiene course with BASC i was shown a video of a stalker (whos name evades me) shooting a fallow pricket in a deer park and then performing the gralloch and explaning how to correctly check all the glands pluck and head in line with DSC L2 and then doing the same with a doe.

    I have tried to find this video online just to refresh my memory on the corect names of all the glands but i cant find it.

    I dont suppose anyone knows the video im talking about and if poss give me a link to it.



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    try KRD wildlife productions i have a copy and its definatley the deer park fallow. tel 01258 840637

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    its forsale on the basc website

    atb gadget

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    Thanks chaps,

    I cant seem to find it on BASC site i looked on there before, i have checked again and still cant see it (new glasses probably needed) could you post a link to it if poss.



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    Its the David Stretton dvd available from Basc or David Stretton direct

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    It might have been the BDS DVD, starring Chris Howard, available from the BDS webshop. Good clear explanations from Chris, IMHO.



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    Yep. I have to go with that too...It's either the one with Chris Howard introduced by Ray Mears from Bds or the one by David Stretton who appears to be a little camera shy

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    If it is the David Stretton DVD you are after his no. is 01332810757

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    have you managed to locate the dvd if not pm me .i will sort you out.

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    243sako i have both the chris howard dvd
    and an old video with david stretton however neither show the grallock on a doe although david did slightly explain the procedure maybe he has brought out a new version as i see it is now available on dvd
    I hope this helps

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