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Thread: Well...I've done it!!!

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    Well...I've done it!!!

    Ladies and Gents...I've passed my Dsc1
    I went up to Northumbria on Monday to do 3 days with Jon Snowdon at GreenLee.
    A fantastic experience I must say He and his wife were outstanding hosts who looked after myself plus 3 others like royalty!
    We had smoked venison sandwiches for lunch, then an assortment of cuts of venison steaks for dinner and for brekkie was...yep you guessed it...venison sausages
    I've never eaten so well in my life so far Such a beautiful part of the country...I could see Hadrians Wall from my bedroom window and nothing else but woodlands and open hillsides. I highly recommend anybody debating doing theirs to give him a tinkle, I assure you you'll be very well looked after.
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    Well done Dirty Antler

    Hope you got some recipes too, Now you can start to get your hands on experience.
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    Well done fella, I also done my DSC1 with John and I thought he was brilliant ,very relaxed and made you feel at ease and not like you were back in school,like you we were ttreated realy well and Andrea's cooking is something special.

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    I remember mine like yesterday, get as much hands on now as you can and then look forward to your L2, I am in th eprocess of doing mine now.

    Well Done.

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    Well done,been there to do dsc1 with my son,everything was top class,also took some sloe gin up(1 gall) all gone by end of course,fantastic place and we both passed.

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    Had to read your post twice?
    after a gall of sloe gin I thought i read you were both p*ssed

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