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Thread: Deer and cars

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    Deer and cars

    With the wealth of knowledge regarding deer on this site, could we try to come up with a way we as individuals can try to reduce RTA's, is there a way that at grass root level we can do something to reduce casualties?
    Building deer under/over passes whilst effective in Europe is great, but most people can not afford to do this out of there own pocket.
    Personally I have a stretch of road nearby that you can find a dead/injured deer on a weekly basis.

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    Shoot the deer first?
    seriously unless people learn to slow down in certain areas, it will keep happening, I move one deer a month off the local roads.

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    Carl Gustaf
    The Midlands Branch of the BDS have installed 'reflectors' along a stretch of road at Staunton Harold. Since doing this there have been no reported deer related RTA's.
    May I suggest that you contact BDS HQ at Fordingbridge on 01425 655434. I think the reflectors are free!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt
    Shoot the deer first?

    Reducing the resident deer population reduces the number of accidents.

    The Deer Initiative have been heavily involved in researching this subject over the last few years.

    Reflectors have proven to be of very limited value, so I understand.

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    A reduction in speed alone will not necessarily help.

    I was unfortunate enough to hit a Fallow a few years ago, I was doing about 40 mph travelling in a row of traffic the deer all ran out in a line between my car and the vehicle in front and avoiding them was impossible, fortunately only one was hit, but the damage to the car was severe.

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    Carl Gustaf
    Have a look at these, courstey of

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    Try this site for the latest on going research on deer vehicle collisions.
    In my area,North Worcestershire,Muntjac are increasingly being killed and motorists are surprised how much damage they can cause for their size.Interestingly I believe Fallow collisions are down? ??poaching rife in forest.

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    Carl Gustaf
    I'm down your way in a couple of weeks time Morena, where's the best place to observe Fallow?

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    Notice the first youtube Red Deer the first stag is lame in the right foreleg,previous encounter with motor car??

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    Carl Gustaf
    Yeah nasty business, I've got to get permission off a anti land owner to cull out a munty doe that has a broken jaw and one eye missing due to an RTA. No answer as yet, but I don't want to take the chance of getting caught even if it is a mercy killing.

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