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Thread: What qualification?

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    What qualification?

    Righto, may be being thick but what qualification and set-up would i need to do/have in order to sell carcasses SKINNED to butchers/pubs/restaurants?

    Im pretty sure its economically unviable on a small basis, but interested to know what qualification you need, how you keep it and where you can do the skinning? And also the cost..

    Mucho grassy a*se!


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    Level one .you can sell up to 300 carcasses per year this is what is classed as a small amount ,all the relevant information is on the Food standards agency large game part of there web site I've posted all the details on here before .

    It's under hunters exemption part 6
    This is only as small part of the information on large game it's all worth a look .
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    You need to be a trained hunter as widows son has said.

    This can be level 1 or NGO game meat hygiene you will also need to be a registered food business and a leicensed venison dealer.

    There is no limit to the number of carcasses that you can process and sell as a trained hunter.

    The 300 carcasses is a number that often crops up it was the number being banded around before the new rules came out but never made it to the legislation

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    Fantastic, I have level 1 so all is good, just going to have a read on the FSA website. 300 seems like a large number for 'amateurs'. I mean the chances of me having 300 deer to process personally in a year is never going to happen!!

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    The link is to the draft document which is out of date this is the page you want

    and also this on

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    You have to be registered as a food business with the local authority (i'm assuming your in england), use the hunters exemtion as mentioned, comply with environmental health conditions (this will come about once you register as a food business) and provide a HACCP plan (which will involve training).
    You are right about it being economically unviable but if you want to do things right and stay on the right side of the law its the way to go!!
    If you need further info you can pm me and the offer is there to see our small setup.

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    Well... 300... should be enough to be going on with!

    Good luck, and enjoy.


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    So registered food business? Does that mean you need your own larder, stainless setup etc etc..?

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    Welcome to the world of red tape! HACCP and EHO,these words will fill your world with dread.

    Just one other thing, you will not earn a crust from just 300 deer..unless they are free!


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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingfisherman View Post
    So registered food business? Does that mean you need your own larder, stainless setup etc etc..?
    Registered Food Business - yes, stainless larder set up - NO!
    You will only require basic facilities. Ask the council to visit and advise, they are normally helpfull if you are trying to do things 'above board'. The 300 limit was a figure quoted in the first draught version of the guide and has now been removed. The limit is now classed as 'self defining' which I read as one person can only do so much in a local area!
    As Griff said, you'll not make a living at it, but it is the best way to maximise profits on whatever amount you do.

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