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    Hi All

    Hi all

    I being shooting for some time now and enjoy reloading and shooting my centre fire rifles my first centre fire was a Tikka T3 .223 then a .22 Hornet and last year I bought my .243 which I shoot on the Island in our local competitions. I've hoping to first; try out deer stalking but haven't got loads of money to throw at it so to speak. So Iím looking for advise were to go and who take's beginners. I only have my .223 and .243 for target use so at the moment so I will need to have it entered on the ticket I'm looking forward to go on my first deer stalk. The only centre fire I hunt with at the moment is my .22 Hornet for rabbits and fox's.


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    hi glynn
    welcome to the site.just put the questions out there.plenty of members who can offer advise and guide you in the right direction.
    good luck.

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    Thanks Nel

    This look like a great website site / forum with loads of info so a great place to start from.

    All The Best

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