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Thread: ferret problem

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    ferret problem

    anybody come across this before
    I have just had a litter of unplanned ferrets (long story dont ask) They have all gone bar the one my daughter wanted to keep
    The problem is it has recently started struggling to walk and is practicly dragging its back end along, its in good health otherwise and not in pain, I cant find any breas or obvious problems any ideas

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    Its always sad when an animal suffers a debilitating injury. There can be a number of different causes but unfortunately the only out come is the demise of the ferret. Either by your hand or at the hand of your vet.

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    Doesn't sound good - fracture or spinal abscess may be treatable, but lengthy or expensive. It might also be Distemper although I'd have expected other signs before paralysis

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    Hi mate, hope you are well. I have just noticed your posting with regards to your Daughters little ferret kit.
    One of my Son's hobs was doing the exact same thing with its rear right hand side leg. I thought initially that it may have suffered an injury when fighting with its larger and stronger sibling, but could see no sign of damage and nothing to suggest a break. Like yours it was / is in good health otherwise. The strange thing is..........within a few days of me noticing it, it was back to normal and is walking around fine now. During that time the only thing that I changed was their being fed proper ferret food from pets at home and only cooked meat left over from dinner etc.......also an egg now and again...........It was really odd, I don't know it if was the change of food or if it may have improved anyway. Who knows? I def would't knock it on the head just yet.



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    Fully agree, providing that the ferret isn`t suffering.
    Is there a chance that the ferret has had a fall? It doesn`t take much for a ferret to pick up spinal injuries.
    Keep the food and water topped up and hopefully you`ll soon see some improvements.
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    On of my hobs suffered exactly the same symptoms earlier this year, i let him carry on as the seemed happy enough but his health deteriorated and he died about a month later.

    I wish I had done the decent thing and ended the suffering and would do now if i had another suffering in the same way.

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    i've had exactly the same with two jills one albino the other polecat, both brilliant workers
    i must add not knowing much about ferrets and mating both jills never mated or had the "jill jab" or a visectimised hob

    both jills had these same syptoms, dragging they're back legs falling over sideways when trying to walk and rapidly losing weight
    although the diet had'nt changed, (rabbits, chicken, squirrel, james wellbeloved ferret biscuits)
    i took them to the vets, the vet told me they were " too far gone" and it would be kinder to put them down
    vet also went onto say that when a jill comes into season she MUST be mated, either jill jab or the latter because their body stays in season until the mating and all this time they deteriorate and lose body weight and just get weaker and weaker they cant hold themselves up. obviously my girls were too far gone

    how old is the daughter ?
    has she been in season and not mated ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buchan View Post
    Doesn't sound good - fracture or spinal abscess may be treatable, but lengthy or expensive. It might also be Distemper although I'd have expected other signs before paralysis
    i lost two of my ferrets this summer to DISTEMPER! they went the same way as what your daughter's ferret is doing , but first there breeding went vert bad and then week. went down hill very fast. 5days is all they lasted

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    When l had ferrets one of mine went down the same way, urged on by no 1 daughter to take to the vets where upon the vet insisted it had to stay in because it had distemper l was not convinced (l was allways led to believe that once they had it that was thier lot) anyway 3 days later l picked it up right as rain only 35 (me thinking l will need a small loan) the best bit was l had a call after the first day and the vet nurse said can you bring in some of its regular food it wont eat what we are offering it, well you can imagine the face of the receptionist when l presented her with a dead rabbit

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    I've kept ferrets for over sixty years and have come across this from time to time. You are better to put it down as I have found they almost always die after a while.
    Ferrets, from what I have seen over the years are either healthy or dead! I have struggled to keep sick ones going but it doesn't seem to work. They will recover from physical injuries pretty well on their own (bites, eye damage) and do so remarkably quickly, sickness seems to invariably end in death.
    Save vets bills, give them a few days and if no better, finish it.

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