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Thread: Sika stalk [CALLING]

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    Sika stalk [CALLING]

    Following a very kind offer from lakey i was invited down to dorset to try my luck for a sika using the callers as although i have shot a few sika i have never had the oppertunity to witness a stag come to the call.
    After a restless nights sleep in anticipation of the day ahead i was soon on the road and arrived at our chosen meeting place in plenty of time and after a quick hello i followed lakey to our first location.
    Our first port of call for the evening was to stalk a block of undulating woodland which was surrounded by grass fields and some game cover strips so i readied my rifle after a quick briefing on boundaries and likely spots and we started our accent.
    Quickly arriving at the wood without puffing and panting to much we slowly opened the gate and began to slowly stalk along the rides and pathways at a slow pace as to not bump any deer that might be just ahead.
    The cover comprising off ferns brambles holly and rhodadendrons was very thick in places and with a good carpeting of leaves on the ground and sweet chestnuts falling from above we certainly had to keep our whits about us and was certainly different to the woods i am used to
    Our chosen route was twisting and turning deeper into the wood when we came to a clearing with a highseat strategacaly placed to overlook a clearing with a few trees planted in guards which were clearly being swamped by the ferns.
    We sat threw a short shower and with nothing coming to the call we hastily headed off to our second location before the deer emerged from the wood but on our aproach we could clearly see 4 prickets and a hind in the neighbouring field.
    Making a quick dash across the bottom of lakeys field we took cover under a hedge without disturbing the deer in the neighbouring field [result] only to have an unseen dog bark not five minutes later and have them all make a run for cover back into the wood.
    Fortunately we didnt have long to wait before they started to re emerge with first one then five then ten but all on the neighbouring ground and not lakeys but lady luck was shinning on us and lakey spotted a hind entering his ground.
    Within what couldnt have been much more than a minute or two i was now looking at 7 or 8 hinds and a nice six point stag quickly followed by another six pointer a pricket and more hinds.
    With the deer being about 200 yards away and in line of sight with us a shot off sticks was out of the question as it would have instantly gave away our position and had them all running for cover.
    Lakey suggested a shot off the bipod but with the field slightly rising he could soon see my predicament in trying to get a safe backstop and i was not going to take the shot using the wood as a backstop and lakey was in total agreement.
    No need to worry he said i will give him a call and see if i can bring him to us and with the first couple of calls i was doubtfull of getting a reaction but with the aproach of the smaller stag towards himself his attitude seemed to changed.
    Swithching to a different caller the result was instant and the stag soon came trotting down the field picking up speed as it whent stopping on a ridge at about 100 yards and again with no backstop.
    Without either of us saying a word lakey called again and in the blink of an eye the stag is running flat out straight at us and with us both lying prone getting out of the well of a charging stag would have been impossible.
    I am now lifting the rifle following the stag thinking BLOODY HELL i am going to get trampled to death here and have i got my will sorted when he spotted my movement and slammed on the brakes at under forty yards [thank christ].
    Resumming my cool composure i instantly saw that this time he had a nice backstop and took a shot to the shoulder a shot that i rarely take on my own ground only to see him head off back up the field.
    To my amazement he ran all of 80 yards before stopping then stood there for a second or two before collapsing to the floor stone dead and confirming our recent conversation earlier in the day on how pumped up stags or animals on alert often run further than deer at rest.
    After performing a quick grallock leaving the cape intact for a project lakey is working we headed back to pauls to prep the stag for the chiller only to realise earlier i had left my camera in my truck that was parked at the farm so lakey took a couple of pics on my phone.

    What a fantastic day with excellent company and a day i will always remember even though i dont think a blast to the ticker like that can be good for your blood pressure

    Once again another good friend made and what makes this site the number 1
    Many thanks lakey and i will see you soon when i can hopefully repay the kind invitation

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    Jon, It was a pleasure taking you out, and congratulations on your stag. Once he was focused on the call he came on like a train. Great shot you took to the shoulder as instructed, and still the stag made 80 odd yards despite your bullet entering the shoulder on the quarter angle and exiting a bit ahead of the haunch on the offside. Textbook shot on a quartering animal well done, and stomach all intact [ double result ]

    Great night and a great result !!

    All the best


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    Good result and well written, i can understand what you were thinking has the stag came at a rate of knotts ask weather Witch off here the better half!!!.


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    Heard all about it from Lakey Jon..

    Cracking stag buddy..

    Was looking forward to a night out and a beer with you two..

    Maybe next time if Lakey dont get you on one so early...

    Well done

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Great result Jon.
    I bet it wasn't just your trigger finger that was twitching when he came running at you 2.

    Nice one guys.

    All the best


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    well done , nice write up

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    Nice on Andy, well done Jon sounds like you had fun.


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    Lakey what was the call you were using?

    P.s. well pleased for you Jon and a good write up too

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    I'd also be interested in what call you were using and any further info on how it works for you and your tactics.

    I've tried calling sika for the first time this year and have had some small measure of success in the sense that I've managed to call in two stags but didn't shoot either of them. In my case they are all coming in very cautiously indeed, there is none of the coming in like a train stuff I was told to expect but that may be bad technique on my part.

    I was much amused as I spotted one of them leave the forest edge about 80 yards to my left. He then crept up a ditch with only the tops of his antlers visible until he got to some trees. At this point he jumped up from the ditch behind the trees and then peaked around the trees at the likely source of the noise. He wasn't very impressed with what he saw so he made a dash to the next clump of trees, about 150 yards from my position, and then lurked in there for a while. From there he nipped across into the forestry block that my high seat was positioned on. Now, there are lots of things that go bump in the forest but I'm pretty convinced that I heard him sneak around behind me in the forestry block and then when he got my wind there was a low frequency thump that usualy indicates a deer running away. While I didn't get a shot I enjoyed watching him sneaking about and was impressed by how cunning and devious he was.

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    Excellent read mate ,had a few roe charge in but a stag would, i think get the heart into overdrive .Well done on your success lads .

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