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Thread: Malform Roe Buck

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    Malform Roe Buck

    As im new to the forum i thought i would post a pic of an 11 point buck i shot in east yorkshire at the end of April this year. The full story of the hunt will appear in the July issue of Sporting Rifle. Its a unique head.

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    Hi 3006 spring
    Nice buck have you had him measured yet.


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    Hi Wayne, I sent the trophy to Richard Prior but he said its too malformed to judge. It has a net wheight of 415 grams so in my opinion it has the wheight and volume to have made a medal. Its a tremendous trophy though and it was a very memorable hunt.

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    Hi 3006 spring
    Shame that but a cracking trophy, I've got a malform on one of my patches at the moment havent had a very good look at him yet but he looked to have a nice heavy six points the one side and then a malformed six the other. If my luck changes I'll post a piccy
    I dont think I need to read the book I think I've seen the film were you stalking with JR by any chance.


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    Hi Wayne, God its a small world!! Do you think JR will get an oscar for best cameraman? 8) Yes mate, ive had 3 bucks with him this year, hes a good lad and i enjoy stalking with him. Hope to get a copy of the video soon, cheers 3006 spring.

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    Hi 3006 spring
    Yep he's a good lad, wev'e had a bit of fun. He keeps coming down to Herefordshire and trying to shoot holes in my Muntjac I got one of his Gsp pups about 12 months old, chuffed to bits with him.
    Nice bit of country where he stalks we had a nice return trip with him a while back. Next time you see him have a look at the video where a buck jumps about 7 ft in the air.


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