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    Stalking Lead

    I have seen someone with a lead that goes over the body the attaches to the dog so both hands are free. Can anyone recomend any websites for this sort of equipment?

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    you can easaily adapt a long leash to make your own to suit your own height and needs

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    50 ft training lead on ebay for a fiver, you should be able to make something out of that!!!

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    What you are referring to is a jaeger or German leash. A very good piece of dog kit if you are unsure of your dog staying to heel when out stalking. Also has the benefit of being able to clip him onto a tree whilst gralloching. Paint and pins do one.

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    These leads are without doubt the best quality and most hard wearing I have seen! Bloodtracking - Rescue Canine I have had mine for a few years and its still like new.

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    Also called a 'Pirschleine' in Germany. Niggeloh do a good quality one that's fully adjustable.

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