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Thread: "Making Scotland's Landscape" This Evening

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    "Making Scotland's Landscape" This Evening

    Just watching this on BBC1...Well, that presenter isn't much of an anti is he?

    Whoever it was took him out stalking should have left him there!

    (apologies if you don't get this programme in Englandshire)

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    I spied some of the adverts and that was enough for me!

    Never watched it.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Yes, disappointing to see such a politically slanted and biased piece appearing on the screen. He seemed to try and make out that grouse moor management was BAD for heather!!! Then I saw Dr Hunter appearing..............the words red rag and bull come to mind.

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    Made my blood boil. Seriously fed up with this sort of "leftish", misinformed, one sided s**t which the BBC churn out.
    Did you hear the sad violin music as he explained how Scotland had been ruined by grouse shooting and deer stalking?.And the scary horror movie music as the camera panned accross the ceiling of stag antlers in Marr Lodge while he implied that all the deer had been shot purely for trophies. No mention of culling practices, herd maintenance and provision of venison.
    Write to the BBC. I am.

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    Well that's of course your choice but do you seriously think they care what we think?

    the BBC was turned into the Blair Bull*h*t company during his early years and continues with the left wing commie staff and leanings and even millions complaining will not alter them.

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    Well, I thought that the program was a fair reflection of the state of play. Fraser Darling hit the nail on the head re the condition of Scotland’s habitat and past management. Single species management prescriptions are quite often damaging (whether it be Sheep, grouse, Sitka spruce, deer or whatever) and I am a great advocate of variety.

    I think that more modern management prescriptions are now likely to prove beneficial in the long run but there are still a lot of folk out there that will not embrace change. I’m a forester and I would be the first to promote Sitka spruce as the best timber producing tree in the UK. It grows fast and straight plus it is cheap to establish. However, foresters now realise that 100% Sitka is detrimental to the environment and much is being done to ensure that the next generation of woodlands provide habitat as well as timber.

    The section of program that covered Glen Feshie was interesting. The significant culling of deer in the short term is hard to swallow but I reckon the deer will be the winners in the long run when a new pulse of scattered native woodland becomes established. Deer and trees…..a stalking forester’s dream come true!


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    I think it was the bigoted misrepresentations that upset most people.

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    You're right there, that kind of stuff gets fired off time and time again, infact I tend to let it wash over me now as I've heard it that often. As I've said before I'm in the middle ground and would like to see everyone pull together to improve habitat etc etc but I still want to see a working environment in the long run (albeit a rich and varied one), not a giant nature reserve.


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