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Thread: Wanted. L/H 17HMR

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    Wanted. L/H 17HMR

    A mate has just got his FAC, and has money burning a hole in his pocket. Looking for a 17HMR, left handed. I thought I had seen one here, but can't find it now. Anybody out there with one to out?



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    Did you get any joy for your mate?

    I too am looking for a southpaw 17. There are a few CZ's about, but that's it. The only other left options I can find are Anschutz and Savage. I'm really taken with the Savage, but can't find one anywhere - something to do with change of UK distributors....
    If anyone can suggest anything else I'd be happy to hear from them.

    If your friend is still looking, I'll be happy to share the info I have - PM me. Cheers
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