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Thread: Hi From Easl lancashire

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    Hi From Easl lancashire

    I joined this forum a good while ago but didn't get round to visiting it much since. As I am hoping to be getting a .243 for deer as well as Foxes I thought i had better do the polite thing and introduce myself. I have been shooting for a number of years (More that I care to remember at times) but have only recently got into Rifle Shooting with FAC Rifles. I tried a .22LR but once i got my 17HMR I would not think of using any other R/F - They are noisier than a .22LR but the benefits far outweigh that disadvantage for me. As for C/F Rifles I started of with an old BSA 22.250 which I picked up cheap - After shooting the rifle and "getting to know it" I found out why it was cheap - It had had a lot of HOT home loads through it and was reluctant to produce an acceptable group! From there I got a variation for a .222 for foxing and bought a cheap Bruno Fox Model 2 to get me through my "Mentoring" period, which it did with flying colours, so much so that my old mentor now wants to buy the rifle from me! I still have that rifle at the moment and it is remarkably accurate - I can easily shoot 1 inch groups with it using Sako Gamehead ammunition! That rifle has accounted for a good number of foxes since I bought it but I have decided to try to advance my shooting by trying to get a .243 and have deer put on my ticket. I do have permissions that have deer (Both Roe and Fallows) which I have permission to shoot and the land has been cleared for up to .270!
    I am in the process of getting my FAC "opened" and will then "go for it".
    If all works out and I get the variation for a .243 I expect that I will be bombarding you all with a load of stupid questions but you will have to bare with me on that because I do want to learn. I should add that if I do get the .243 and Deer on my ticket then I will in the very near future be doing my DSC1.
    Well that's about it guys, that's me so you will have to take me as you find me!

    P.S. I forgot to say - I can't type, the title should have read Hi From East Lancashire and not Hi From Easl Lancashire - Oooops!
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    Hi Frenchieboy,
    well come to the site another Lancs lad loads on here for everyone, look forward to your posts


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    Hi Frenchie!! Good to see you found this are in a similar position to myself. Loads of good threads on here about all sorts stalking related. I am hoping to do my DSC1 in the next few months as well!


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