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Thread: NZ boar/deer

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    NZ boar/deer

    Hi folks

    I have just spoken to my brother in New Zealand who commented that the guy next door had dropped off some boar sausages for a bbq they were having. As he regularly shoots razorback boar just outside taupo in a national park

    Anyone Know how hard it is to take your rifle over there, and go hunting with out using an outfitter/guide for the next time i go to visit him. Or is this a no go area


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    Hi there
    the chap you really want to speak with is NZhunter on this forum, really nice guy.
    I have just got back from there and got a NZ Firearms permit at airport quite painlessly, take along $25 (approx ten quids) your UK FAC and pasport a small lecture about firearms safety and hey prestoyou have a one year visitors FAC
    With this you can posess firearms, buy amo.. and wait for it buy any type of gun you want.. I have made friends with a local dealer who will store any gun I buy of him until I get back FOC, the NZ folk are great
    Next time I go over I am buying myself a Ruger Mini 14 semi auto how cool is that

    I know if you want import I was told by some of the guys on here to go direct or via LA with Quantas, not through any of the Far Eastern countries, I know Singapore will only carry firearms for competition not sporting or hunting, but told me they have a freight forwarder who will handle for a fee.. I didn't ask how much sorry

    The country is stunning I am already plannng my return, hunting is awesome and mostly for free round Taupo, you get a permit from Dept of Conservation "DOC Lands", do not pay a guide they are stupidly expensive then take you onto free lands.. There are also some good private lands but all pricey .. well they were for me anyway
    The other interesting thing I was told was that lots of the hunting guys round Taupo "stick " pigs", they hunt with dogs and knifes more than shoot them, sounded great fun, as I love dog hunting and it must be thrilling to hunt that way.
    If you are going to March and Shoot or CLA I will show you where you can go as I brought back a shooting directory with maps and all permit offices.. If you want to call me PM I will send phone no. be more than happy to chat

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    Thanks legal

    I will be going to CLA as it's just up the road a bit for me

    Hope to see you there

    I feel the need to go see my brother all of a sudden


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    Well if you need someone to carry your bags

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    Importing rifles here is as easy as you want to make it.
    I made a mistake of trying to do it "properly" used a shop in the U.K who used a exporter.The local firearms officer told me to get them sent to him as would make life easier, I told the exporter, so he duly addressed them to me
    I got email from exporter they due in local airpot on xmas day so I went to get them, no rifles, because they were addressed to me, customs kept them in Auckland, then sent them to Wellington, then sent them here, then the local customs had to get them cleared in Wellington !!!
    I got them eventually,but was a tiny tiny bit miffed having to fork out over £1000.00 and not get them sent where I asked.
    When customs and D.O.C (dept of conservation) came to the house to clear the container, wich took 15 mins and 3 cups of coffee, they were expecting the rifles in the container, they said its the best way to send them as they arrive to your door and are safe and customs clear them when they clear the container. and it only cost £1500 to get the container here .
    The firearms licens is easy enough, sit in a room for 1/2 hour watch a video, answer the questions after and get your F.A.C in the post.
    The bloke who checked my security is also the local photography and was no problems with him, even when he had a chat with Kim on her own to check if I was a nutter or not
    As for hunting here, some of the guides here charge a fortune and there are good and bad ones, same as everywhere in the world.
    I hunt on local D.O.C land costs me nothing.,and a mate got contacts in Fjordland so we off there nxt yr.

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    John what are your thoughts about hunting on DOC land? the impression I have got is anywhere close to a vehicle access point is shot out, any were near a good hut is shot out, you need to hike in to the back country for a couple of days to get to some worth while land or a chopper in (which costs).

    I have heard of lads hunting DOC land for a year and never shooting a deer and remember these lads are on “if it’s brown it’s down policy” hinds, stags in velvet, calves are all fair game.

    If somebody has local knowledge of were there are a few animals he will keep it close to his chest. If animal numbers get to good levels the DOC will 1080 them (poison) or send in the helicopter cullers.

    The guilds can be expensive as these seem to angle towards fat yanks after big trophies. But there are other guilds if you know were to look.

    Best rgds


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    Hiya Thar,
    I find the D.O.C. land no probems at all,I know some blokes do want to hike right up into the bush,good luck to them.
    I have shot deer here, 5 mins from parking the vehicle, I think a lot of stalkers here expect to have to tramp a bit, so they just get on the path and go.
    I`m bit slower, so when I out of the ute I`m in relaxed mode wtching and listening, not because I`m an avid super stalker, I love the scenery here and the quietness of the bush and 5 mins from my house I can be so remote.
    I am getting to know more people and getting access to farmland bordering the bush thats alot more handy.and me and mates are going to hunt down in Fjordland next year, and been invited to hunt on a mates brothers farm in Aus, all I been told is there`s Water Buff, Roos, and foxes and rabbits and alot of pigs, so I got to take alot of ammo
    choppers can be expensive, but sometimes you can get one to fly you in for a drink, BUT, A good mate of mine was a shooter on the choppers and he said some of the pilots are raving lunatics, very good pilots but mad as hatters and if you get one of those, and show a slightest sign of nerves, you will get the ride of your life
    The thing I find very strange out here is that most of the people here will give you and or do you a favour jst because they can, not because they want $ or want something back.

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    Do you need to go into a ballot for Fjordland? I take it you are after Wapti? I would love to hunt there one day, my mate was going on a hunt to Stewart Island this year, but the day before he had to work (guild some Austrians) so that blow that trip.

    May be it is look a lot and walk a little works everywhere.

    I have had the pleasure of a ride with one of there chopper pilots in to the bush.

    I agree with you about the Kiwis, always willing to give a hand if they can.

    Best rgds


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    Hi John

    Are you north or south ! My baby brother is up in hamilton and another brother is on the corramandel working on a friends farm , but he's realy into his fishing


    Will try to go hunting next trip for sure now

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    I loved the place must admit I have really got the bug, if I didn't have such great commitments in Europe at the mo I reckon I could happily pack my bags and bugger off there 8)
    Mind you the speed cops are a pain in the arse there are hardly any folk there in comparrison to here, yet you can only do 60mph and there is a cop with a radar gun round every corner

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