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Thread: south cumbria/north lancashire area.

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    south cumbria/north lancashire area.

    hi anyone got any cheap stalks here this week - next week?

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    Try the FC at Grizedale. A good bunch of guys and some nice mixed woodland areas to stalk.Not sure if they qualify as cheap, depends what you're used to paying.

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    hi cheers for that. would you have a contact name?
    im stopping just outside kendal.

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    Mike Thornley is the head ranger, so he's hard to get hold of but they should be able to get a message to him via the office. If you search on here under stalking in cumbria you'll get Laurie Walton and Jon Standings details, they are both worth a try if Mike is a dead end.

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    jonathan standing01539552252 great bloke

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