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Thread: Wild boar/ feral pig or vermin

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    Wild boar/ feral pig or vermin

    Following my thread on wild boar in the legal section i thought i would post a quick write up of my first boar.
    I met Solway Stalker from of this site last evening and quickly formed the opinion that he is a true gentleman. He said that the boar were feeding well and we should have a good chance of a shot if i was quiet enough and could sit still long enough, he also said to try and not shoot the largest one as this would be the matriach and would cause the others to disperse and go their own way. I sat for what seemed like 6 hours hardly daring to breath when i heard a slight noise but dare not move to have a look through the scope. Colin gave me nudge to say they were feeding and to get ready for a shot. I looked through the scope and saw 10 or 12 boar busy feeding. I could'nt pick one out to shoot as they were moving and jostling each other for position. Just then a very large beast appeared and stood staring at our position. I whispered to Colin that i thought i could see a penis on the very large one, he replied to make sure and if so shoot it. I could'nt be 100% in the poor light so concentrated on finding a safe shot on one of the smaller ones. The large boar gave a loud grunt and walked of back into the forest which the smaller ones ignored. Eventually one boar detached its self from the others to investigate something else. This one recieved my full attention and the cross hairs following its every move. As it stopped to look back at the others it recieved the good news via a 150gr 308 bullit. The rest as they say is history.
    What an adrenalin pumping experience and i thank Colin for giving me the opportunity to take one of these fasinating creatures.
    By the way, what seemed like 6 hours was infact 2 hours.
    Colin is a good person to deal with and i woudl'nt hesitate to go back to him or reccomend him to anyone.


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    well done. any pics

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    Glad you enjoyed it Rem. Colin is great to deal with and I cant wait for my next trip. We are back up on Wednesday but not sure if we are shooting pigs.Any pics of your boar ???

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    Congratulations mate. Still can't believe you sat in my seat though.

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