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Thread: Resizing new cases?

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    Resizing new cases?

    Ive just got some new brass, ive never had new brass before so am wondering if i need to full length resize first or not? Its nosler custom.

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    No you should not have to resize. You can check the length just incase, but until they are fire formed they should not be over size.

    Custom? what calibre?

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    Nosler Custom is all hand prepared brass, this why it carries a premium cost tag, I loaded all my .270 Nosler Custom & shot it without snags.
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    Colin, its a brand name, got a 7mm08 being built for me.. should be ready for mid Jan.. i can barely contain myself!! The brass looks top notch..

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    If you mic it and compare with the data in a reloading manual that will answer your question. Good luck with the new rifle.

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    I would be tempted to do a wee trial first with some other brass once you get the rifle. Perhaps try and get hold of 10 cases and reload them just to get a view on the fired case dimensions. You could neck some .308 cases down, or as I did for a friend recently, run an expander through some 260 Rem cases. Or, perhaps some other 7mm-08 user could give you a few?
    Rgds JCS

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    CHeers JCS, good idea, Bobt gave me a few 7-08 RP cases so will have a play with them, the rifle wont be ready til mid Jan anyways.. Im itching to get it!

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    I always resize all new brass, regardless of maker. It's one step in the Uniformity thing....~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    I always resize all new brass, regardless of maker. It's one step in the Uniformity thing....~Muir
    + 1 on that.

    Pointless spending money on a custom rifle and then potentially hobbling it with lack of care in reloading.
    KevinF -

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    also, why do you have to full length resize the first time, why cant you just neck size from the off?

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