Friday evening saw me down at a farm near me where the farmer has a zero telerance of anything not bovine .Naturally i have to use a bit of commen and shoot whats in season but still please the man .During my phone call to him earlier on in the evening he was adament that there were too many deer but trying to explain that the does wernt in season yet fell on deaf ears so a concerted effort was put in to at least down a beast and stay within the law .There are two farms here back to back and i have the shooting on both .A circuit of the other farm revealed does only but no pressure here as hes a realist and knows things will change in the correct season .Realising the time, i hurried to the place i thought i may get a shot and lady luck shone on me yet again .Ive seen a buck here many times before ,a very good buck and had hoped Martin would of had him in the rut but with one thing and another it never happened . He moves between a small covert and the surrounding fields but sods law has put him over the boundary every time ive seen him when out stalking .This evening however there were cattle in the fields immediately around the spinney which im sure upset his routine and caused him to browse on my side ,further afield.Luckily i glassed him before he saw me ,well i glassed the doe he was with to be honest which in turn lead me to his shape further along the hedge .I could see he was the same beast as back in the summer but now in winter coat .The nearby cattle started lowing due to my presence and their lack of grass i think which inturn raised the deers heads ,forcing a long shot off bipod .I guessed the range to be 170 and lined up a chest shot ,squeezed off and saw him topple over nicely .Paced him at 150 spot on and arrived at one of the best bucks ive shot.
The pics really dont do justice and im hoping he will go gold.The fast approaching darkness does the pics no favours either .Very pleased to have finished the season with this beast .