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Thread: New to Gralloching

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    New to Gralloching

    Hi, I'm pretty new to stalking having just done my DSC1 this year. Whilst I know the best knowledge is learned in the field, I want to have a good read up - Does anyone know of/ can recommend a good concise guide to gralloching?

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    Have a look at the British Deer Society website
    The best practise guide is very good and up to date.
    Probably better still is the gralloch DVD as a 'picture paints a thousand words' as they say.
    Are there any deer parks near you where you could maybe volunteer to be a dogsbody for a day in return for some practical gralloch demo's? Might be worth a try?
    Good luck.

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    Have a look here, some good info carcass: the gralloch(1)

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    David Stretton's DVD on Gralloching and carcase inspection is excellent - Highly recommended. Give him a call on 01332810757


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    there are a few good vids on youtube too (but also alot of very bad ones!!!!)

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    Is most of your stalking at the mo accompanied or not? Is it local to you?

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    Here you are all explained and shown in carcass preparation..

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    Thanks all for all the links, tips etc Much appreciated.

    flyingfisherman, no i stalk in ayrshire

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    The main point is to remember that the bum is connected to the mouth by a load of squiggley bits.

    You need to get those squiggley bits out.

    They smell if you cut into them.

    Should about cover it, failing which those best practice guides are good but nothing beats an experienced stalker showing you a few times and then practice.

    Don't worry if your first few are a bit rough and r eady, all of ours were, just concentrate on doing a better and neater job each time and you'll have it.

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    I think that about covers things GH

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