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Thread: Update on a friend

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    Update on a friend

    I thought i would just let you know that after not hearing from styer243 (Nick) for a while, and being concerned, i rang him to see if he was okay and why he had not been on line for a while. His mam is still on the mend but his PC is down so hopefully will be back with us within the next week.
    I have told him to get his arse into gear and makes sure he joins us for the march and shoot.

    He asked me to let you know he was fine. .


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    Thats good news, glad to hear his mother is on the mend. So its just the computer playing up, well that will serve him right for buying that cheap piece of Delboy Beowulf

    Look forward to seeing you back on site Nick. Have you eaten that Roe Buck yet ?

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    I was only thinking the other day, 'Where is Stavros'? I know why his computer crashed, all that soddin porn!

    Well Nick I hope your Mum is well and on the mend and that you are back on line soon!

    Take care mate.

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    What it is to have caring friends

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    well done wadas , for checking up
    good to hear his mum is getting there
    take care nick

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    Thank you very much indeed wadashot, I must admit to being concerned at not seeing Nick on the forum over the past few weeks and also admit to not phoning him incase I was intruding at the worst of times.
    But, his situation looks a little brighter, thankfully, and just to show the measure of the man; about three weeks ago when this all started, Andy (Tika308) kindly told me of Nicks situation, I immediately pm`d Nick with mine and my wifes thoughts and best wishes.
    His reply came back, thanking us both, and knowing that my dsc1 was imminent, offered to go through the course work with me!
    Obviously I didn`t take him up on the offer, but to make time for others when your world must be upside-down, well he`s a better man than I am.
    It will be good to see him back.
    Thanks again wadashot. Tony M.

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    i spoke to steyr.243 last night and he was hoping to get his pc up and running and back on site last night,it doesnt look like it worked he said it would be through the window if it didnt work .

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    He should get some bloody money spent and get a new one.
    He`s as tight as gnats chough i`ll tell ya


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    Hello you lot!!!!
    Just to let you know im back up & running again. Hectic couple of months with mum, Now looking very good thank god! Then the Pc decided to die on me, After changing the hard drive & a few other bits i then decided to chuck it through the window & build myself a new system ( and get the window replaced)
    Thanks all my good friends for thinking of me. It put a smile on my face when i read this thread. Thanks again gents
    By the way Malc, The roe went down very well thanks mate
    Now its time for me to keep a beady eye on that Waddas, Beowulf, Stone & Sikamalc Chappy!!! There a ruff lot they are

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