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Thread: Which DSC1 Provider?

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    Which DSC1 Provider?

    Like many, I'm still umm'ing and err'ing whether to sit the DSC1. However, in the meantime - if I do do it, which providers should I be looking at?

    I'm in the South Cheshire area, so BASC course in Wrexham or Midlands (although location is yet to be confirmed) is possible without travel, but I'm concious the BDS course has some good there anything between them really?

    If I do travel, do any providers incorporate any actual stalking? Whilst being reasonably academic, I'm a firm believer in learning by doing rather than reading...hence this aspect would be good.

    Thanks in advance,

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    If you fancied a holiday you could do a lot worse than going to see John Allan.

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    I am constantly amazed at how many people run courses that last only two days! I did my DSC1 with the BDS (West) and ran over four days, granted the last day was an easy paced shooting test day, but it was an open range day and you could have stayed all day if you so wished.

    We had Steve Bowers of Specialist Rifles to give us our ballistics and rifle talks, Dave Cannon the armourer from Avon & Somerset Police and Mike Bagnovic (spelling) the training officer, a vet who did necropsies for us to watch and who supervised our grallochs and a lawyer who ran us through the legal ramifications you could encounter. They were a full three days and extemely interesting, and I do believe that it would be hard to beat the quality of instructors.

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    Hi Oly.
    I found the BDS DSC1 course to be well presented, informative and well worth doing. If you give Cheryl at their office a ring she is very helpful, and should be able to get you sorted.
    Sorry but no stalking during the course but being with like minded people is always a good experience in my book.

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    I am hearing a lot of good reports of the BDS courses, but they are all quite a distance from me and the accommodation and travel would add significantly to the price. Are the BASC courses similarly praised??

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    If you want the ticket then minsterly ranges do it, cover all the aspects that are required maybe not quite as in depth as the BDS by the sounds of it but everything is covered. And with Phil you will have a good laugh.


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    I went with David Stretton at Donington, had a great week and learnt a lot.

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    Another vote for Dave Stretton at Donnington Deer Management Services. Its a drive for you but an excellent course, in my opinion.

    You don't get to stalk on Dave's DSC 1 but you do get to observe Fallow and Reds in Dave's deer park.

    Dave is renowned for his knowledge of deer and also for the vast array of props that he uses. Ever wondered how far a range of calibres, from .22 rimfire up to .375 H&H, would penetrate into an oak gate post ? Dave's your man. He has cut away sections of the very same.



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