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Thread: 308 Sako 75

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    308 Sako 75

    Hi all i was just wondering if anyone knows of a nice 308 sako 75 for sale local ish to cambridgeshire its just that iv got a spare space on my ticket for one still. cheers Andy

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    Look on gun trader, there was one the other day

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    I have a nice wooden stocked/blued barreled sako 75 in .308 that is available with or without a reflex T8 mod and swarovski 4-16x50 scope, hadnt really thought about selling it untill I saw your post so havent really thought about a price so open to offers really. I havent really used it since I got my TRG so its just sat in the cabinet for over a year. Let me know if your interested.

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    I know where there are two Sako .308, one 75 action 3 varmit, stainless fluted barrel, fitted with McMillian stock and T8 mod, the second one is a 85, synthetic stock, blued barrel and threaded. Both of the rifle's are like new,they are at my local dealer Banbury Gunsmiths Tel. 01295-265819.


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    Hi there i must admit i do often look on there and thanku . Thanx but dont really want a varmint rifle to heavy for my old bones these days lol . got a lead on a 308 but will have a think about that one
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