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Thread: **Firearms licensing service on offer at BASC Northern Roadshow.**

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    **Firearms licensing service on offer at BASC Northern Roadshow.**

    Guess this may be of interest to our North Yorkshire members

    Visitors to the British Association for Shooting and Conservationís (BASC) Northern Roadshow at the Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate on Friday the 12th of November will be able to apply for a shotgun or firearms certificate at the event, have background checks carried out and receive a decision in principle from the police on the night.

    see link below:



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    This does indeed appear to be a positive, and most welcome, step. If future BASC roadshows could get other Constabularies involved it might just pave the way for better communications between the shooting world and various firearms departments. One of the biggest complaints seems to be, well to me anyway, the confusion that arises because of communication difficulties something which could surely be addressed in the main by face to face discussion. If this effort could be rolled out nationwide I'm sure that it would be of benefit to both the issuing authorities and licence holders / applicants.

    This surely has to be one of the most visible and productive initiatives of BASC, well done.

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    I agree with Jayb....Hats off to BASC for this one

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    When does it come to Northern Ireland? At the minute it takes them a year, at least, to do anything with your FAC so getting something done while you wait would be a most amazing event worthy of the highest praise. The only problem would be the 70,000 people who would turn up on the day!

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    Perhaps, Simon Clarke or David, representatives from BASC and regular contributors to this forum, could tell us a bit more about this new initiative and potential forthcoming similar events.

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    You may not be surprised to hear that some constabularies are more forthcoming than others - so I cannot guarantee we will be able to do this every time, but I hope word will spread and others will come on board with the idea.

    As to NI, I will be speaking to Tommy today about PSNI, but I remember a few years ago we did a series of PSNI dedicated road shows.


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    Philip, according to my FLO, PSNI are well caught up compared to last year. Apparently they were up to the end of August receipts last week.

    Of course, the bottle neck has now shifted to the FLO's so you are probably still talking six months.

    I am told firearms licensing in NI costs about £3m per year to administer, and cash income from FAC holders for renewals and variations is in the region of £1m only. You can see where that is going......

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    That is good news if it is working like that Brian, as you know some people seem to have their applications processed in weeks while others can take years, even when there is seemingly no complications or reason to delay. Maybe it is the variability that is the big problem here rather than just the time taken? If they were to announce that a FAC application was going to take 12 months then we'd all know and make arrangements. However, if they are doing them in 6 months now that is an improvement.

    It must be said that Tommy Mayne at BASC was a great help to me and I gain the impression that he has been working with PSNI to get as good an outcome as possible for all of us. It is also the case that the folks in the PSNI can only work with the resources they have.

    In terms of the money - who knows where that one will end but as you hint it is pretty certain that we will end up paying for it. To be honest if the cost of renewal went to £200 but they provided a 4 week turn around I'd consider it nearly worth paying for it. It seems they can do the renewals in a few weeks, sometimes a few days, almost everywhere else and I don't know how the PSNI are any different.

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    Philip, there is talk of a one-on/one-off system for rifles and pistols where we will be able to swap like calibres in the shop just as we can with shotguns. It will be restricted to similar "categories", maybe any one rimfire for another rimfire. 22CF for any other 22CF, so you could trade a hornet for a 22/250 in the shop and walk out with it under your arm. Current opinion is that deer cals will still be subject to a variation which is a pain.

    There has to be a sensible solution were you apply for a series of slots which can be filled and exchanged without going back for a variation.

    There are also obviously big discrepancies in processing time. My full renewal was done back in the spring in about 9 weeks.

    Tommy Mayne is doing a super job at BASC, a really good guy and very responsive. As you say, he has developed a good working relationship with Lisnasharragh, maybe common sense will break out at some point.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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