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Thread: Anybody make their own venison widows memories.

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    Anybody make their own venison widows memories.

    I bought one of those hand cranked meat grinders with an attachment and tried making some last year, I gave it up never again they were like eating the gusset out of a chineese juglers jock strap and dry as a bone . Bloody awfull , anyone had any success and if so share with us your method.

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    widows memories ...priceless mate

    My mate has a butchers shop take the deer down without his jacket and it comes back a few kilos light... always he is a tight wad butcher so don't expect any less

    made into nice venison type burgers, sausage, joints ,steaks and chops etc, once we even had a few venison and red wine pies .. yummy
    just buy him a few pints when we go to cricket
    There is a place for all gods creatures in this world, on my plates by the veggies and gravy

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    Have made them in the past, you always have to add ample quantities of pork fat to the mix otherwise they are too dry.

    I don't bother now as I simply give the carcase trimming along with the lesser cuts and joints to my friendly local butcher and he gives me back all the sausages and burgers that I need for family and friends. He gets the whole carcase if its a muntjac as I prefer that as burgers, sausages or kebabs.

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    i'm sure Stone must have something on this
    i know he did something on burgers but not sure about bangers

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    I was given a electric mince savage maker used it for a bout 3 years made burgers and sausages I would cut the burgers 20% the sausages 40% with pork mince. Now I just make a trade with the local butter, I try to wait till I have two roe at a time and take all the trimmings to him, come back the next day and there’s my box full.


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    I think your predictive text app is on the blink. If its not, where can I get an electric mince savage maker?

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    if yer going to make sausages and or burgers no point mucking bout with hand crank stuff.. just puts you off

    bit o money but a dedicated sausage stuffer and an electric mincer and your off!!!

    your not stuck to just vension.....rabbit....pigeon......goose.....etc etc

    i use for every 5lbs ish of mince i put in maybe 1lb to 1 1/2 lb of pork belyy minced up....recently tried using beef skirt too and works ok.

    and of course flavourings well just bout anything......i have used bought in flavourings but prefer just throwing stuff in and experimenting....2 jars o cranberry jelly and wee bit o butchers rusk and yer away!!
    of course you can try anything...even hp brown sauce sausages are fine seeing as it has a load of its own spices etc...
    my next project is to try adding some crumbled black pudding in as well see how that goes i think


    ready for freezer

    enjoy mmmmm
    sauer /paul
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    Good to see you have mastered the art of tying links. Something that I never quite got the hang of. So I just did rounds and fixed them with wooden skewer's.
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    Looks like maybe your predictive thingy got stuck too!
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    Got me

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