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Thread: Privvi Partisan ammo any good for deer?

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    Privvi Partisan ammo any good for deer?

    Right well I thought i would give privvi another go in my tikka before i took the plundge in to reloading and boy am I glad i did. Pictured bellow is a 3 shot group at 100 yards (the 4th high shot was a fowling shot at the start) So at 8 for 20 thats put me off reloading for a while. Now as they are soft points what do they expand like? any of you use the on deer? and to what effect? This is where they shoot from the zero of 120 grain Norma Noslers in my 6.5x55 and im out tomorrow and would like to give the privvis a go if they are up to it.


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    Shot a Sika stag about a Month since using this ammo at about 100 yds with a .243 and 100gr bullet. The stag ran about 30 yds and was dead when we got to it. The bullet had gone throught both rib gagees to lodged under the skin on the far side of the beast. The bullet had mushrummed out to about twice the the size of the original size.

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    Hi Groach,

    One of the regulars on PW found Privi grouped well in his .243 and uses it to good effect on deer and fox. I picked up one box of 100 grain for my .243 just to try it on the range first, would have got a box of 90 as well if they had some.

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    I was given 40 rnds of 90grn a while back in 243 and decided to zero my new tika with them they grouped very well and went on to take a few roe and munties with the same batch and the performence was very good, as l reload when they had gone l carried on with the reloads but would have no hesitation in using them again.

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    I won`t use anything else and have used it constantly for about 8 years. I shot 4 sika stags in Feb down in Dorset with my .243 with one just running for about 30 yards, but that`s to be expected with any ammo.

    I used partisans when contracting in my .270, 130 grain bullets and it never let me down and worked as well as any other stuff. But at 10 quid a box, they can keep there federals and the like at more than double the price.

    But, they are going up in January due to having to be arm guarded through Germany i think it is so the price has to go up. Might be worth getting stocked up.

    sikamalc will take the p**S though as he always does.


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    I use 100gn .243 PPU in my Steyr SSG. It has always performed excellently.
    The brass is very good quality so I use the empties to homeload my own 75gn V-Max for the charlies.

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    Privi Partizan

    Tried a box of these in my .243 the bolt wouldn,t close, took them back to dealer and got some sako , used some before in my 22.250 and they loaded ok.

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    i have shot a lot of roe and fox with both the 90 and 100 grain in the 243 and 130 in my 270 i can get 1" groups @ 100y never had a problem with them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wadashot View Post
    But, they are going up in January due to having to be arm guarded through Germany i think it is so the price has to go up. Might be worth getting stocked up.
    Even with the expected price increase. If you can get them to group they will still be cost effective when compared to reloads. Especially when you take into consideration the prices the UK retailers are charging for reloading components, when compared to the US.

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    I have used swede 139gr on various ranges to 300yds with hit & miss results .In a Browning with 3"+ group, & cz550 a little more @ 100 yds. Rilfes may vary as with all factory ammo. I have never seen regular grouping with privvy, wether 223/243/6.5/303 !

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