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Thread: Berger vld hunting

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    Berger vld hunting

    hi all

    has anyone used the hunting version of the VLD`S if you have can you let me know your hunting results.


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    This came up a month of so back. How far are you planning to shoot?? Unless you are at extreme ranges they are a waste of money. My opinion, at least....~Muir

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    hello muir,

    oh no so they are nearly the same as barnes xxx if they perform the same as those it is a no go straight away.


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    Scroll down the page a bit more >>>>>>>>>

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    hi all,

    I will put it another way or what i should of asked who has shot deer with them and what where the findings and i dont shoot over 200 yards but i do want a extremely accurate ammo.


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    I am testing them at the moment but have only shot a couple of animals with them so it is to early to comment on their terminal ballistics.

    The only thing i can tell you is that they are the most accurate round i have loaded for my rifle, i have had other rounds as accurate at 100 yards but their accuracy seemed to deteriorate with range but the berger seems to hold the same degree of accuracy out to 350 yards. I say 350n yards because that is the longest range i have shot them over.


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    hi steve,

    just keep me informed with how the work because i used to shoot barnes xxx through my 6.5x55 for years and had no faults with both killing result and accuracy until i ran out of what i had then i just bought some more and that was when my trouble started big time but that is another story.
    what are you shooting them through steve as i am going to shoot a 7x64 when it is ready hopefully just in time to have ago at the hinds fingers crossed.


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    I use the 155gn vld's in a 308 at about 2780 fps. Another thing i noticed when chrono testing these rounds was that there was very little difference in MV between different rounds.


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    steve have you shot any deer yet to see how there perform.

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    I have used them in 6.5x284 and.243 very effective. The 95g VLD does exactly what it says on the tin but not in my rifle. I also use a hell of a lot of Bergers for competition and they are superbly accurate. Down side; some rifles simply hate them. You can spend a lot of time and money load developing. Biggest issue appears to be seating depth. I had all sorts of problems with the .243 and in the end abandoned the idea and went for a Berger but not VLD. Cost is another issue but if it is purely for stalking them that shouldn't be an issue. Have a look on Brian Fox web site as he lists the load developing system which may well save you a small fortune.

    Good luck.


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