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Thread: Do you need a specialist deer dog ?

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    Do you need a specialist deer dog ?

    O.K here goes, with all the talk of the various breeds of dogs available including Bavarian and Hannovarian do you need a dog this specialised ? in most cases the answear is no, these dogs are bred for the tracking of wounded deer resulting from a driven shoot, they need training from an early age 8 weeks is not to early to start and then need constant work on trails for their working life these trails being up to 1km plus. Most other breeds will track a wounded deer or one that has disappeared into the undergrowth and cannot be found by trailing yourself, so think carefully before commiting to a dog that requires full time training and don't ruin blood lines for future generations by having for what is some just another stalking accessory.

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    Some people want a multi purpose dog that they can use for pheasant,rough shooting,wildfowling and stalking. Nothing wrong with that. Others want a dedicated dog for stalking. If you are paying a lot of money for a hunting dog why not train it to a resonable standard.
    Having to start a tracking dog training at 8 weeks is just skitsnack (Swedish for BS). Training any hunting dog is a life times work . Whats new in that. No you don't need to train them full time.

    How is having a dedicated deer dog going to ruin the blood lines for future generations? skitsnack.

    To my way of thinking dog training is just a part of the wider picture of stalking

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    cjh. i find your comments rather unusual

    How can you call a dog a stalking accessory ? that is one of the most stupid remarks I have ever heard from anyone that stalks deer!! And Bavarians were not used all the time for European driven hunts, they were bred for their bloodspooring abilities and endurance for climbing steep terrain, Hanovarians are very similar.

    I will refrain from making further comment, but as this is your first post on this site your comments are rather unusual, although we have had one or two others on here with a similar style of writing

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    If you want to enjoy the company of a dog, and vice versa, then training is the way to go. Whether it is for specialised tracking or just being an obedient pet dog that will do what is asked of it when it is asked of it. It is easier and far more pleasant for you to have a dog that knows its place, and a dog that has its position in life clearly defined is a happy contented animal. If it knows where it belongs in pack pecking order then it is happy, it does not have to try to fill a job vacancy, ie leader, if you are failing in your job, then stress free contentment shall be the order of the day.

    As Jagare so rightly pointed out training a dog is a lifetimes work. Don't you just love that skitsnack word.

    Welcome to the site.


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    very interesting point here you hav made about the training side of things
    i train my springers from a pup at eight weeks i expect them to fetch a tennis ball rolled along the lawn (called retreiveing) and also encourage them to play in the flower bed (early stage of hunting) so as they grow older the training becomes more intense but also fun by the age of 12-14 weeks they are walking on a lead and come to me when i call, is this not what a springer should be doing in some of its working life , so as with a tracking dog instead of a game of fetch its a game of sniff and just as they get older the trails get longer
    don't know any breed of dog that does not need full time training to do its paticular speciality in life
    hell if a stalker wants the best type of dog for the job then what better than a blood hound as that is what you are expecting the dog to follow
    bavarian , hanover perfect for that reason alone

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    I started at 6 weeks just to be awkward

    If the whole purpose of a dog was to maintain a perfect blood line we would only have wolves. Also you can work the dog on artficial bloodtrails just for the fun of it just like field trial tests.


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    very interesting comments from some people and also the usual BS from the the usual suspects, try reading Neils Sondergards latest book and you will get my drift on training or better still meet the man and here his views personally, all i was saying is the gene pool for the more specialised breeds is small and good working stock will need to be maintained for future generations to utilise and build on, but if you want a bavarian then try to use it for what it was intended and not just to pull you round the country shows.

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    Hi cgh

    Interesting comments about the gene pool. The Hannoverian breed is under stress due the the crippling high standards and requirements of a 'schweisshundfuhrer' to be able to work one. There is talk of the breed starting to come under threat.
    Do you own a Bavarian or other Schweisshund. How often should a dog owner work their dog. mine are present at 100% of the deer that are shot and learn good manners while I perform the gralloch andload the carcass.
    They have found about 10 deer in 4 years that disappeared into the wood/bracken and check ground where an animal has been missed. However 99.5% of their life is spent being a family pet and I suppose 'guard dog' - is this so wrong.
    I have studied the German textbooks and enjoy the training and companionship of such beautiful and enjoyable dogs, but how much 'working' defines a 'working dog'?


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    Quote Originally Posted by cgh
    very interesting comments from some people and also the usual BS from the the usual suspects, try reading Neils Sondergards latest book and you will get my drift on training or better still meet the man and here his views personally,
    this is what he wrote
    try page 12 bottom right paragragh starting
    ' tracking dogs are ''''''''''''
    then goto page 137
    roe deer and read that
    then page 17 and on to 21
    we can all quote the blind man just don't follow him across a busy road
    there are other ways of getting across to the other side

    Quote Originally Posted by cgh
    but if you want a bavarian then try to use it for what it was intended and not just to pull you round the country shows.
    guard dog for the beer fridge 8)
    model for pink lipgloss
    the list goes on talk about a versatile breed

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    Well i,m off to Skåne in southern Sweden to look at a litter of very Specialist pups . I promise if i buy one that i will not drag it round game fairs or ruin the gene pool for future generations. Guard dog for the beer fridge sounds like a good idea though.

    cgh your post is still skitsnack.

    So from a very sunny and warm Sweden. Hey Då

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