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Thread: A day out near Falkirk.

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    A day out near Falkirk.

    I have a day to myself in the Falkirk area next week. Are there any places nearby to see deer?

    Best Regards,

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    Yes.. the wooded area opposite the football ground has many Roe and i see them at the side of the road during darkness. I lamp four farms within a four mile radius of Falkirk and they all have a good Roe population so any wooded area will hold Roe... Callendar estates would be worth a look but DONT TAKE YOUR RIFLE!!!

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    Are you meaning wild deer or farmed deer. If farmed deer, not far from Falkirk is the Beecraigs Country Park just outside Linlithgow. It's a 1000 acre park open to the public. There are roe in the forest sections but due to public access they are not the easiest seen.

    Probably better heading over to Stirling and be tempted to spend your hard earned at the Bushwear shop.

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    .... or save 33% and buy online???

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    sorry but i am a cynic but what if adrianc has six dogs to take with him. info like that i would not share unless he came recommended or knew someone i knew.
    no disrespect meant but it is possible.


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    Yes Frank you are a cynic. If I was looking to while away a day in some unknown Somerset town I might just ask a similar question. The info he has been given by me is in the public domain and that given by Red Dot is probably known by all the locals who care to look.

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    Sometimes Gazza it better to say nothing eh?

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    These Somerset guys with the Long Dogs are a real nuisance in the Falkirk area??

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    Thank you to all for your comments - even Frank's!
    I can assure you I do not have six dogs, long ones or short ones, nor do I have any intent to take anything with me other than a camera, wellies, waterproof and a rucksack.
    My partner is working in a regional office in Falkirk and I'm going with her to share the driving. While she is at work I would prefer to make the most of a rare opportunity to visit Scotland and see some scenery and/or deer rather than spend the day sat in a car park or sitting in Starbucks watching the clock.
    I understand and appreciate the 'cynical' remark as I am a newcomer to the forum but a 'closed shop' mentality is very often off putting to people such as myself who are keen to integrate with the stalking community.
    It was a question intended to get some local knowledge and insight about good places to visit. I can of course just wander blindly around the countryside with basic knowledge found on the net but would prefer some more specific locations to visit.
    Any further comments are welcome, cynical or otherwise!

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    Firstly its not a closed shop mentality mate that i have and all that know me will know i do not share that ideal.
    as i read the original post it lacked the content in the previous one to this.
    if you had shared with us the full extent of why you where in falkirk etc i would have been less of a cynic.
    as for red dot, why best to say nothing, thats why there is 1000s members on here and only 20 post.
    they are too scared to say anything because they get shot down on the first hurdle.
    i say if you have something to say then do so.
    my initial assumption could have been correct and if it was and next week a carcass was found in falkirk where gazza states the deer are then who would be right ??
    i also have seen the deer referred to many times and also else where but i aint telling the world where and thats not because i want to stop decent guys like adrian its to stop the not so nice guys.
    i hope adrian gets to see some whilst here as there is a lot about.


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