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Thread: Africa 2009

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    Africa 2009

    Hi all, this is the info sp4rkmans' outfitter in S. Africa, Hilton, provided, any one else interested? It would bring the costs down considerably to go in a small group.

    Mpumalanga Province. (between the towns of Piet Retief and Pongola)

    Duration: 5 to 10 days.(between 28th/09/2008 and 05/09/2008 or in 2009).

    Daily Rate: As per attached Tariff Sheet.

    Transfers: JHB Int' Airport to hunting area return f500-00/party.

    Cull Species: Blessbuck females max 10 to 20/party of 2 f120-00ea.
    Blue Wildebeest females max 10/party of 2 f300-00ea.
    Black wildebeest females max 10/party of 2 f300-00ea.

    Please note: All prices quoted in Pounds Sterling.
    Trophy animals can be added to the above species as well as the species listed below-
    at normal rates from the attached Price Sheet.
    Impala, Kudu, Zebra, Eland, Waterbuck, Grey Duiker, Red Hartebeest, Giraffe, Bushpig,
    Mountain Reedbuck, Caracal, Jackal, Large Spotted Genet.

    General: If I was coming to Africa for my first time this is where I would come!
    You will be accommodated in a beautiful bush camp situated half the way up the mountain.
    This camp is very well equipped with hot and cold running water, a fully equipped kitchen, and
    -you will sleep in secure brick under thatch chalets with bathroom en suite.
    The terrain is hilly to mountainous with beautiful bushy valleys and savanna to open
    -grassland plates.
    Both the Pongola River and the Wit River (Mkunyane in Zulu, this is also the name of the
    - concession) flow through the concession.
    You will see, smell, hear, feel and love Africa for ever if you start your safari career here!


    Daily Rates:
    f 240-00/hunter/day (1x1).
    f 190 -00/hunter/day (2x1).
    f 130-00/observer/day.

    Daily Rate Includes:
    All meals and accommodation.
    Services of licensed Hunting Outfitter and PH’s.
    Services of both camp and field staff.
    Hunt transport in fully equipped 4x4s.
    Field preparation of trophies, (capeing, salting, tagging and cleaning of skulls).

    Daily Rate Excludes;
    Pre and post hunt transportation.
    Air or road transfers.
    Trophy fees.
    Taxidermy costs.
    Alcohol and tobacco.
    Gratuities to staff.

    Trophy Fees:
    Elephant P.O.A.
    Rhino P.O.A.
    Hippo P.O.A.
    Buffalo P.O.A.
    Lion P.O.A.
    Leopard P.O.A.
    Crocodile P.O.A.

    African Wildcat f 150-00.
    Caracal f 550-00.
    Genet, (large and small spotted) f 50-00.
    Serval f 1 000-00.

    Cape Fox f 100-00.
    Black Backed Jackal f 50-00.
    Side Stripped Jackal f 200-00.
    Spotted Hyena P.O.A.
    Brown Hyena P.O.A.

    Blessbuck – Common f 200-00.
    White f 400-00.
    Bushbuck f 400-00.
    Bushpig f 250-00.
    Cape Grysbuck f 550-00.
    Duiker – Blue f 55 0-00.
    Grey f 100-00.
    Red f 550-00.
    Eland f 1 500-00.
    Gemsbuck f 1 000-00.
    Giraffe f 2 500-00.
    Impala f 200-00.
    Klipspringer f 600-00.
    Kudu f 900-00.
    Nyala f 1 200-00.
    Oribi f 1 200-00.
    Red Haartebees f 550-00.
    Red Lechwe f 1 800-00.
    Reedbuck – Common f 420-00.
    Mountain f 420-00.
    Roan P.O.A.
    Springbuck – Common f 200-00.
    Copper f 450-00.
    Black f 600-00.
    White f 1 000-00.
    Sable P.O.A.
    Steenbuck f 300-00.
    Suni f 1 500-00.
    Tsessebe f 2 000-00.
    Waterbuck f 1 100-00.
    Warthog f 140-00.
    Wildebees – Black f 550-00.
    Blue f 550-00.
    Vaal Rhebuck f 850-00.
    Zebra, (Burchells) f 850-00.

    Please note we offer all of the species legally hunt able in both Namibia & Mozambique.

    Hilton Gary Sanders.
    Licensed Hunting Outfitter & PH.
    Member of PHASA.
    Member of Arkansas State Houndsman and Hunters Association.
    Official Measurer for Rowland Ward Publications.
    Diploma in Agriculture, Cedara.
    Outdoor Writer and Journalist.

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    Hope you don't mind my pointing out that area isn't in Mpumalanga, it's in Kwa Zulu Natal. - formally known as Zululand

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    Hi Mack

    I think the original idea was to try and avoid paying any trophy fees and just go for a fun hunt, meat animals? rather than out and out trophy species. As you can get a much better rate same as the SA hunters do if you are a bit sharp.
    Sp4rkman told me the problem lies with the farmers getting windy as a big group of foriegn hunters have to use a PH as a guide.. suppose insurance rifle import etc
    What I had suggested was maybe we could find a part time guy who wasn't really in as a business, we could "hire" him on a daily flat rate between the group to take us round the farms ..
    Maybe this isn't going to be possible but I know for sure there is know way I can afford to pay trophy fees.

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    Hi Legal
    I agree with you on all counts, I think two or three could get away with not having an outfitter, poss as sp4kmans guests, but no larger.
    Hilton did include cull fees, ther'e on my previous post, Cull Species: Blessbuck females max 10 to 20/party of 2 f120-00ea.
    Blue Wildebeest females max 10/party of 2 f300-00ea.
    Black wildebeest females max 10/party of 2 f300-00ea.
    But he seems expensive elsewhere.

    Please check these links out and comment, I think if we go in a group we will need a PH especially if we wanna take are own rifles.

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    although I'm qualified to operate in SA, I don't usually do much hunting here because I'm too busy in Tanzania and elsewhere....... but I'll tell you what the situation is and then leave you to make up your own minds. - Either way, it's no skin off my nose.

    To import a rifle into SA you need to supply the cops with the name, PH number and contact details of your PH, the name, outfitter number and contact details of your outfitter - both of whom have to be licenced to operate in the province you intend to hunt. You also need a letter or invitation from the landowner and a few other pieces of paper. Only if you supply those details will you be allowed to import your rifles.

    Once you've got 'em in, if you get caught hunting illegally, which includes hunting without the right paperwork or without a PH, you face almost certain confiscation of all equipment used during the hunt, which includes rifles and vehicles etc, fines and possible, though unlikely jail time....... in an African jail. The person supplying the hunt faces equally severe punishment.

    Although some of this hasn't been made public yet, SA will be changing a lot of their game and hunting laws in the next year or so, including changing PH qualification/examination time from less than 2 weeks to a year or so. As part of that, they intend to crack down on anyone caught breaking the rules............. so be warned!

    Frankly, if you shop round, you'll be able to get a group deal where you'll pay less than UKP150 a day plus trophy fees without any ducking and diving anyway, so why take the chance of ending up in the brown stuff............. If you opt to hunt females and young males you'll get cheaper trophy fees.

    I don't know who this Sp4rkman is or where he comes from but believe me, if he's telling you that you can hunt without a PH, outfitter or correct paperwork etc. - at best, he's shooting you a line and and at worst he's talking ******** that'll do nothing but drop you in the ****.

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    Hi Shakari
    thanks for the info. I realise most cull or non-trophy hunting is in S.A. or to a lesser degree in Namibia, I guess this is due to the 'game-farms'.
    I believe what puts most people off of trophys if not only the higher fees but the added cost of shipping and taxidermy. Could you give us an idea of how much a basic set of horns would cost shipping wise.

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    Hi Shakari,

    When the subject first came up i said i might be able to take one or 2 guys out hunting on friends farms. If you browse around the forum you will find that a few guys have already done this type of trip before. i did state they would not be able to bring rifles into the country as i know the legal requirements of firearm importation. I offered them use of my rifle and as i'd be hunting too I didnt see it as being a major problem. However, i spoke to the farmers and most of them were not keen on allowing this as they know the Governments rules. Hence why i provided the contact details of a PH/Outfitter friend who would be able to put something together. If you read my post you'll see just this mentioned.

    In fact, you probably know this PH...

    However, a farmer friend who merely has game on his property would allow 1 or 2 people to hunt on his farm with me. It wouldn't be a "safari" or a professional trip in anyway.

    So, as you can see I am not "shooting them a line" or trying to "drop people into the ****". I was merely trying to help people avoid the high rates PH's/Outfitters charge and allow them to experience Africa.

    If i've mislead anyone then i apologise.


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    Gentlemen I do not see anyone trying to drop anyone in the ****!!

    I know there are many on here that would jump at the opportunity to go to Africa, and most are not high paying American or Spanish clients Shakari. But as I said from the very first inception of this trip you will need to be invited to hunt and have a registered Outfitter or PH to meet you at the airport if you are taking firearms. It will save alot of problems, and thats the last thing you need after 11 hours on a plane, believe me!! and I am sure the thought of an overnight stay in an African jail does not appeal to anyone either

    Now I have not been back to Africa for about 4 years, and things have changed, some of it not for the best in my opinion. For one they are pricing themselves out of the game for many folk to hunt, and in SA the importation of FA has become much more difficult, with dare I say it bribes even being asked.

    If you all decide to go I suggest you find an agent to help you with details regarding FA importation. Also if you decide to have any mounts done in SA make sure you get the complete price including freight back. If you decide to bring them back and have any mounted here, make sure you know something about the taxidermist. Sometime back many of the taxidermists in Africa were becoming an issue, they were fixing the skins in Formaldehyde, rendering them useless. You will never rehydrate the skin, therefore they are unworkable. You are better of getting your work done in the UK, although there are very good Taxidermists in SA, they are not to me the most consistent of people, and as a Taxidermist of 34 years and running hunts to Africa and other parts of the world for 26 years I speak from experience.

    Good luck.

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    Shipping trophies is gonna depend largely on what you ship and everything will have to go through a dip and pack process first at least. Alternatively, you could have the work done here and then shipped. - If you ship dipped and packed (raw) trophies to the UK, you can expect a headache or two. New regs have made it highly likely you'll have problems with the vet inspector at Heathrow. - If there is a problem, then you have two options. Either pay for the shipment to be returned to Africa and then back again or have the trophies destroyed. These new regs are a joke, but a very expensive joke and they've been driving me nucking futs this year. If you want an idea of dip and pack or total taxidermy and shipping etc, you can do no better than contact Lifeform Taxidermy at They're only up the road from me, and they're one of the very best taxidermists in Africa and probably the world. If you don't want taxidermy done, then don't bother.............

    Regarding the rest of it........... Sure some people do get through the legal net, but if you get caught, both the hunters and the landowners are in serious hot water and my advice would be not to try it........ but hey, I'm not the internet police and you're all big boys and in charge of your own destiny. - you can do what you like... it's certainly none of my business. It hadn't occurred to me before, but in these days of instant world wide communication, it wouldn't suprise me in the least that if you did get caught and prosecuted, the SAPS might well pass that info onto the UK cops......... which might possibly affect your UK FAC status. Maybe some legal eagle out there could comment on that?


    Reading your post, I see it looks like you were just passing info on, but believe me, whoever told you it'd be possible for you to hunt 'on tne nod' or without a PH and outfitter etc, which is how it appears, was either shooting you a line etc or talking ******** that may very well drop you in the ****.......... There's always the odd farmer willing to take a chance, but remember that the local hunting industry here is very big and anyone who had decent hunting land would sell out to the locals without having the worry of taking a chance on things.

    All that said, you could if you wished, probably hire young newly qualified PHs to hunt you at a reasonable cost and just make sure you have a proper safari contract that stipulates all the relevant requirements. If you need recommendsations for young PHs, let me know and I'll put you in touch with a few who are good, honest and need to get hunts on their register and would work cheaply............

    If a group of you got together, you could get a reasonably priced hunt on a properly organised basis anyway.

    I really didn't come on here to try to sell safaris. - I don't need to do that and I don't know if I'm allowed to publish prices here.

    IF I'M NOT, I APOLOGISE AND THE MODS SHOULD FEEL FREE TO REMOVE THIS POST ANYTIME THEY LIKE!! - But I don't see how I can explain the issue without publishing prices......Soooo

    FWIW, a buddy and I priced a hunt for a group recently. The hunt was in one of the best areas in KZN and holds 4 of the Big 5, and camp is a dream. Prices for 2x1 were US$280/UKP140 per person per day and non hunting observers were US$100/UKP50 per day. This hunt was priced for 2008 and a few examples of trophy fees are:

    Wildebeest US$535/UKP267.50
    Impala US$225/UKP112.50
    Kudu US$900/UKP450

    And there's at least 16 species on the trophy list. If you opted to take females and young cull males then those fees would be reduced.........

    We worked out that it'd need a minimum of 6 hunters to make it work at that price - but you need to remember that with a group hunt of this sort, there's always some bugger that wants to either come late, leave early or pay late etc........... You need to appoint one person to pull it all together and he needs to be absolutley strict on dates etc.

    At the end of the day, a hunt costs what it costs and you have to accept that. You can't buy a roller for the price of a ford, you can't buy a H&H rifle for the price of a Brno and you can't buy a good quality hunting safari with customer service etc for the price of a dodgy deal. That's life.

    Hope my explanation has helped you guys. Don't think I'm trying to flog a hunt, I'm not and it's up to you guys to decide what you want to do. If I can help, contact me by e-mail. - I'm more than happy to answer a few questions here if it'll help you guys with gathering info, but if you want to discuss specifics of a hunt, I'd prefer to do it by private e-mails.

    Once again, I apologise to the mods, if I've broken the rules by publishing
    prices, but I felt I couldn't explain my point without doing so and I certainly won't be offended if this post is removed.

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    I see my post overlapped with Malcs one - sorry about that mate and I'll try to respond to your points here.

    My remark about someone dropping someone in the **** referred to whoever told an overseas hunter he could hunt without a PH, outfitter and all the relevant paperwork. If that overseas hunter got caught hunting in that manner, they would be in very deep **** indeed. not only would they have all rifles and other hunting equipment confiscated, the cops are also permitted to confiscate all vehicles, including any hire vehicle used to drive to the hunting area immediatly. Last year a local guy got caught shooting a warthog in the road reserve which translates to the side of a dirt road in the middle of nowhere and he lost a new rifle and a brand new Toyota 4x4....... and was then prosecuted!

    Malc is quite correct when he says you need a correctly licenced PH and outfitter, but legally they don't need to meet you at the airport. However, I'd advise you use one of the firearms courier services to meet and greet you. If you do, they'll have all your permits issued in advance and you'll just collect your firearms/ammo and have the cops do a quick check and you'll be out the door in a few minutes. If you DIY, it'll probably take a couple of hours......... cost is about US$150 per hunter.

    Regarding prices......... I agree prices are rising everywhere, but it's caused by the ever rising price of oil which makes everything go up. It's a pain in the ass, but we have to live with it and hunts, like everything else are never gonna get cheaper..........

    Taxidermy........ there's good and bad taxidermists in every part of the world and wherever you choose to have it done is entirely your choice. But I would warn caution regarding import of raw trophies into the UK and indeed even the US where they're currently burning CITES trophies if there is any mistake on the paperwork. - How they can be permitted to do that, I simply don't know! - It's a damn disgrace!!!

    If you want a good taxidermist here in SA, Id strongly recommend Lifeform, if you want one in the UK, I'd recommend going to Malc for his advice as I'm absolutely sure he'll know who's good and who's bad over there.................

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