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Thread: GAP 180 - Hertfordshire- Fallow cull

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    GAP 180 - Hertfordshire- Fallow cull

    Thanks to Paul & Alan and the rest of the lads at GAP 180 in Hertfordshire for a couple of entertaining stalks. Joined the Icelanders who were over for a weeks culling- good bunch of blokes. Managed to bag myself a nice fallow buck one evening as night fell, which is now with the taxidermist.


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    nice one looks like you had fun,i see the 308 doing well what rounds did you settle on .all the best,wayne

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    Hi Wayne,

    Yes great spot for fallow here in Hertforshire. Would recommend the GAP 180 boys for anyone after a cull shoot or a possible trophy. They have about 15000 acres across various farms and all from high seats. Lot of deer about. The ole .308 does the job. Actually still got the 130 grains. 150 gns is probably the ideal, but to be honest its more about shot placement. Hit em in the right spot and they drop just fine.


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    Good stuff.

    How is my buddy Solvi, the Icelander in chief? The man is barking...

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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