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Thread: Wild boar shooting wanted.

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    Wild boar shooting wanted.

    Looking for wild boar/deer shooting around ross on wye area, willing to pay, pm details, cheers.

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    I too would love to try boar shooting in either Herefordshire or the Forest of Dean areas which are on my doorstep but sadly I think the chances of contacting someone that can provide this are slim.

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    Yep, i know! But hey, thought i'd ask!

    Funnily enough, im still looking for some boar shooting, either permission or bought days/nights.
    More than willing to pay going rates and more for good oppertunities, need some ground/invites etc for varitation.
    Pm if you think you can help,cheers.

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    Tried him some time ago Malc - no joy. It was a one off for H4H he doesn't sell boar shooting normally.

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    If you want invites for variations, you may be out of luck.
    Get the variation on your merits then buy some boar hunting.

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    Not looking for an invitation John, I'm looking to buy a day or night in an area close to me namely F.O.D. or Hereforshire.

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    Sounds really helpful to me!If you want invites for variations, you may be out of luck.
    Get the variation on your merits then buy some boar hunting.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Sorry Finn, my grammars not great,but think you know what I meant.West Mercia, if contacted by another force ref an invite or bought night used to be very very reluctant to ok it.
    They were more than helpfull and 100% if you had your own ground.
    And from my experiences, other police forces wanted permission from actual landowner,in writing.
    And, W.Mercias thoughts on that wasn`t too good, as like they told me, means loads of people ended up with permission on a piece of ground in Hfds.
    So I always found it easier to supply nights hunting, a rifle or 2 and one or two pigs.

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    I can see where you are coming from now John, at first I thought "thats a bit off", but like you say it was the way it was written and not as intended. The situation you describe happened to me with regard to muntjac in West Mercia. They confirmed suitability to my issuing force some land for fox control with a .222 rifle but would not confirm muntjac as they said they didn't exist on that land when they clearly do, yet they granted permission to another stalker to shoot deer on the same land.

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