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Thread: .30 06 on boar?

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    .30 06 on boar?

    Thinking of a .30 06 for boar and reds, just wanted a few opinions on this calibre from people who have used it on these, also bullet weights etc. Cheers.

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    Embarrasingly enough I have no experience of shooting boar or reds with the 30.06 but some of shooting big critters in Africa with it.

    With a 180 grain bullet, I used conventional soft points but premiums can only be better, I found that this combination will handle most anything under 300kg with aplomb.

    I recovered bullets of about 40-60% of their original weight, though only on bone-encountering quartering shots, and meat damage wasn't too bad at all.

    A German friend tells me that is by far the most popular combination for German hunters of the quarry you mention, the Germans do not have to suffer the lunacy of being what calibre they can use for what and so I suspect that this statistic is by no means a co-incidence.

    Finally, the load does not ruin the smaller species of deer either. My muntjac rifle is 30.06.....

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    I have no first hand experience of boar but the great advantage of the 30-06 over the .308 is that it can take the 220gn bullet. The yanks use this on beasts such as Elk and Moose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RETIC80 View Post
    Thinking of a .30 06 for boar and reds, just wanted a few opinions on this calibre from people who have used it on these, also bullet weights etc. Cheers.
    Well, I'm happy with mine.

    150gr bullets on deer at MV's from 2800-3100 fps and 180grainers at 2700+fps for the heavies. When I say heavies, I mean up to and including 1 tonne of stonewall crazy Charolais bull... "DRT"... as our American friends would say. What more could you want?

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    I used JDM's 30-06 on boar in Herefordshire and they seemed to drop like a stone. All one shot jobbies taken lamping at ranges out to well over 100 yards. I'm not sure what his load was but 180 grns rings a bell.

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    I use 180 gr bullets in my 30-06 to good effect on Boar but I have also used 180gr bullets in a .308 as well and they did the same job just as good.
    I will be using 170grain Grom, (cheap PPU bullets), in my 30-06 this year starting from my first trip this year to Croatia next week so I'll let you know how I get on later.

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    For big or nasty, the 180 grain is the best all-around bullet weight. Here (Id wager) it's the #1 elk bullet weight. The 220 is great as well, but not as popular. I have used 210 grain on whitetails: They go down and don't get up if you don't drive the bullet too fast. About 2000 fps worked great.~Muir

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    A 30/06 and a good 165gr bullet will cover a huge amount of hunting needs. As Amir says, from Muntjac through to some really big stuff. Pigs are just meat and drink for that combination.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    "from Muntjac through to some really big stuff."

    Not quite sure I would agree totally with you there Clarret_Dabbler. I had a slight problem with 165grn .308 Sierra Gamekings not expanding properly some years ago on roe deer. The stalker I was with told me that he had seen the same thing happen a few times in the previous few weeks. We had all bought our bullets from the same dealer who had been unable to obtain 150grn bullets. Yes 165grn bullets will kill smaller deer but I think it is usually better to match the bullet to the game. It seems that the bullet construction was just that bit too tough for use on smaller deer at short range resulting in pencilling.
    I certainly wouldn't have any doubts about 180 grn .308 taking something the size of a large boar but I would prefer to use my 9.3mm - you can't beat a big slowish bullet or so our European cousins seem to prove.
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    I've shot boar with .308, 30.06 and 300wsm various weights 150-180, from Swift "A" frames and Sirrocco's to ballistic tips all worked well.
    Had them run 0 yards-100 yards. If they were aware or pumped they ran farther (sometimes )

    I've shot them with a .375 H&H had one fall over like it had been hit by a truck another do 100 yards??????

    I now use a 30.06 for most deer, I use 150 grn heads due to the nature of some of my ground to keep the trajectory flatter.

    As with all cal's bullet choice and shot placement is key.

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