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Thread: Hello From Blackpool

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    Hello From Blackpool

    Hi, been shooting for many years but only recently found this site. Now the kids are getting older I have eventually managed to get booked onto the DSC1 in March next year so will not have to rely on going with other people.

    Calibres, .22 (x3) for club shooting and vermin control, .308 Stalking, Foxing (whilst stalking) and long range shooting, 12 Gauge for clays, another .270 next on the list for stalking and a .223 for foxing.

    As the title says I live in Blackpool Lancs.

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    Hi Dooty
    I think you will enjoy this site not a bad bunch, Some very good entertainment on here.
    Good luck with your level 1 in march, Look forward to reading your posts in the future..( 270 one hell of a tool)
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Thanks Miffy

    had a .270 Krico a few years ago but got rid, were all allowed a mistake every now and again!

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    Hi Dooty,
    Do you prefer .270 to your .308 ?. If so why ?.
    I am also a .270 fan but keen to know your thoughts.

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    Hi Dooty,

    Welcome to the site, another one from the Fylde is always welcome!!!! Are you in a local club are for your shooting?
    You should find this site is a gold mine of information.



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    Schiehallion - My .308 is a Savage 10FP LE2 with a 26" heavy barrel which is more suitable for long range shooting due to its weight. I use this as a back up for stalking and when I purchase another .270, hopefully soon, I will be using this as a primary stalking rifle. The big advantage with .270 rifles at the moment is that as they are not currently in 'Favour' you can pick up rifles for little money. If you are asking about cartridge comparrisons between the two then you have to look at the .270 which was first introduced in 1925 and is still going strong, it would not have survived 85 years in commercial production if it was no good. I do not believe that their is little that you can not shoot in Northern Europe or America with a .270 Win. The current supply of Privi ammunition seems to group well from what I have heard and works out cheaper than reloading !!
    As with a lot of these arguments it becomes very subjective on what you really want out of it and what your experiences are. the .308 has been around for quite some time and has a healthy variation of bullets that you can run through it. Both will take UK game with little problems.

    Scott C - Thanks, yes I am in a local club down near Lytham and we have just started going to Weeton Army camp once a month. Distance is rather limited but at least it gives you a chance to shoot Fullbore. Also have access too some land for rabbiting and the odd Fox and am also a member of BDS. Off to their ground this Sunday to try and bag a Roe, if they decide to come out and play.


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    Hi Paul,

    What range can you shoot out to at Weeton? I'm not far from there and so might be interested if the club's taking new members? I'm in Red Rose Rifle Club and they go to Warcop and Altcar most months but somewhere more local could be handy. I'm also in BDS North West so will probably see you around at some time!



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    Welcome Paul, You know you are doing the right thing getting another .270, out of fashion maybe, except for those in the "know"!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Thanks Finnbear270, out of fashion, not sexy, BUT IT WORKS, and has been doing for a long time and will continue to do so !!

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