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Thread: How much do you use it's

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    How much do you use it's

    Hi guys how much use do u get out of ur quad I'm thinking about getting one for going around the shoot on and doing the vermin control on.

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    This doesn't really answer your question, but are my thoughts after using one for 3 or 4 years.
    I am responsible for the fishing clubs quad, a Kawasaki 360, actually the only person allowed to use it.
    I also have the option to use it for my shooting, which happens to be on the same farm.
    I have used it, and in winter I do, although I don't find it ideal, you don't get as steady a rest as you do from a truck or car window, and rabbits etc do not ignore it like they do a car or truck.
    The other downsides, which are the main reason I don't use it, noise, you don't creep up quietly like you can in a car or truck.
    The locked rear diff is a pain, or rather it does more damage than needed when turning on soft ground, farmer hates that.
    I have thought about buying my own, mainly so I can have it road legal, and choose one with a rear diff and a manual gearbox.
    Manual because you can creep around without having the engine at half revs when doing 10mph, which all the variomatic transmission ones do.
    Also all the belt drive and vario ones hate going slowly for any distance as the clutch keeps slipping till you are doing 10mph, so you end up in low range, making all the problems even worse, they also get thirsty (if that matters to you)
    On all the farm land I have ever shot over a 4x4 quad is never needed, so 2x4 is fine, no need for a high low range, just a diff lock on the rear when needed.
    Even in winter when ground is soft I never need 4x4 mode unless towing half a ton or more, or a double trailer set up.


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    Until a year ago I couldn't have imagined doing my job w/o a quad. We used Hondas for 16 years and in all honesty I couldn't fault them for reliability, most were kept outside 24/7/365. They carried my food and water to the far away pens, they were useful for doing firewood, great for getting about the place quickly and decent enough for doing a bit of lamping.
    Last year the boss and myself sat down and worked out a list of new machinery we were going to be buying and why. I surprised him by asking to change the quad for a diesel Mule. Reason for this was that most of the time I am asking the quad to carry too much or else I have a trailer on (trailers, quads and mucky hill paths are not a great combination) also we were going through roughly 30L per week of petrol.
    The quad would comfortably carry 6 bags of feed before it started to need a trailer ( I know of a lot of lads who tell me they carry heaps more, but I'm sure they'll either spend a lot of time roping them to the carriers or else spend a lot of time putting them back on when they slip off on a bumpy side-slope) The mule carries 15 bags easily and goes anywhere that the quad and trailer would go.
    Fuel consumption has been reduced considerably, we now use around 25L in a fortnight, but given that it's red diesel (1/2 the price of petrol) this is a huge saving to us.

    Anyway to get back to the op's original question
    If you are not using a quad at the moment and you do get one, you will wonder how you managed w/o it in a short time
    Whatever vehicle you use most during the day on the shoot it should be the one you use at night too for lamping, simply because its noise signature is recognised by the animals and normally most will not be bothered by it

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    Quote Originally Posted by russ91 View Post
    Hi guys how much use do u get out of ur quad I'm thinking about getting one for going around the shoot on and doing the vermin control on.
    We have a part share in a Honda 4x4 on our shoot, share it with the farmer we rent land from. Its invaluable when we are feeding & lugging gear around our shoot, we use it in conjunction with a small aluminium stock trailer with flotation tyres.

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    I agree with previous posts , whether a quad a mule or polaris , all invaluable tools , possible a mule or polaris if you need to shift a bit of kit about. A QUAD IS GREAT FOR GETTING ABOUT IF YOU DONT MIND MILD HYPOTHERMIA AND SIEZED KNEES IN THE DEPTHS OF WINTER !

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