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Thread: Oh My God!!!!!

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    Oh My God!!!!!

    IT"S MY 1000th POST!!
    Do I Win a prize??!!

    If I'd spent as many hours in a highseat as I have on here there would be a lot less deer in Suffolk and Norfolk!
    Looking forward to my 2000th as long as I don't get banned beforehand!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Do I Win a prize??!!
    There is the saddest person of the month award.

    1000post in 2 years only equates to just over 1.3 post a day. I'm sure the misses spend more time on the phone.

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    You spend the rest of your time sending joke texts!

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    I think you should have a prize for the best Avatar always makes me smile.

    No chance of banning you MS, too much good advice and info coming other members way from you



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    Congratulations MS,

    And may I just add that your post's are usually most informative and have helped and answered many questions from both beginners and more experienced stalkers.

    Keep up the good work mate.


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    well done that monkey, keep up the good work.

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    Yes congratulations 100 credible posts 900 full of crap pretty good, go stalking.

    I just couldn't resist the temptation priceless lol

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    sPUNKEY mANKER....... JUMBO BOX OF TISSUES EVERYWHERE ! How's the repetive strain injury COMING along

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    Quote Originally Posted by widows son View Post
    Yes congratulations 100 credible posts 900 full of crap pretty good, go stalking.
    They are not 100 credible posts, they are actually 100 'Accredited' or 'Approved' posts ! There is a huge difference so I'm told!
    I still get plenty of stalking in too!
    I see you've only got 685 posts WS and 600 of them are antagonistic! you need to spend some more time at the keyboard ya bloody crow!

    Thanks to the other posters for their kind words. I hope to be here for some time to come yet!

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