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Thread: See attached. Deerfarming: clearly the business to be in :)

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    See attached. Deerfarming: clearly the business to be in :)

    Attached an article from the Financial Times from 11Oct2010. Sorry for posting it a bit late.


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    Thanks Marcel,

    A good read but the stats shocked me, It's good to hear that venison is becoming much more popular year on.

    The sales over three years from 200,000 packs to 1.5m says it all.

    I personally see no harm in Scottish landowners and farmers establishing large deer farms. It would have little or no impact on the wild deer population and would create work for many rangers.


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    I suspect a couple of our resident deer farmers might have something to say about this article. Until recently I too was under the impression that demand was up and that this should filter through to our deer farms. Unfortunately it would appear that the real reason the supermarkets import venison from New Zealand is not because we can't keep up with demand, but because it is cheaper to produce there and also because there are few obligations to label venison as imported.

    So sadly a) because it's cheaper and b) because they can get away with it without anyone knowing it isn't British.


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    Being one of the "resident deer farmers" my observation is that NZ are bigger deer farms and better at it than us. Cost of shipping a kg of meat by the boatload is not dear. Supermarkets want venison year round and as we all know natural production is seasonal, so to fill in the gap imports make more sense than artificially manipulating the breeding cycle of deer on farms. It can be done but it is generally thought that if the public thought that this went on it would tarnish the "clean and green" venison perception. I would agree; we should keep production as natural as possible.

    Demand for venison may well be up and is due largely to a few dedicated individuals who have always pushed very hard the healthy eating qualities of the meat.
    Hat off to the people concerned; I am not one of them, it is not my area of expertise. Because of the increased demand the "wild game" boys have upped their
    quality control and are getting a slice of the action. At the end of the day if the venison buying customer consistently gets a good piece of meat it doesn't seem to matter too much whether it is wild or farmed although I have come across people who will assume that wild must be inherently healthier than farmed. The thing that makes me laugh is that there is a quality assurance scheme for wild venison. A wild deer can have chomped its way through the most heavily sprayed arable crop in the neighbourhood just before being shot. The "trained hunter" can then say there was nothing wrong with it when he shot it and Hey Presto it enters the food chain. You should see the requirements for Farm Assured Venison.

    Anybody thinking that deer farming is an easy way to untold wealth would do well to go and talk to a few deer farmers. Especially the ones you can trust.
    If you love deer more than the money it may be for you; if you love money more than deer don't do it.

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    After reading your comments gentlemen it sheds a whole different perspective on this matter.

    Thank you for making it clear and what a shame about all the red tape.



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    retail and commercial buyers look for the following. Low cost, good consistency of product, readily available volume and a good quality product. They get the lot from the kiwi's.

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