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Thread: Hello from Exeter

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    Hello from Exeter

    Hello from Exeter,

    Ok a little about myself. I'm 31 years old and currently serving in the Royal marines. I have held my open firearms cert for coming up a year now. I currently own a .223 Steyr Pro hunter (mountain) and have my own permission of 55 acres on the outskirts of Woodbury, Exeter. I shoot fox mostly and the odd rabbit but find myself wanting to move up to deer when i purchase a new rifle next year, will put a post on here about a good starting point for deer calibers later. I also own a Daystate mk3 for the smaller vermin. In the last few months i have begun to load my own .223 ammo and have some very good loads worked up. Would love to hear from other reloaders in Exeter if you use this site?

    I'm really looking to get out on the ground with other shooters in or around the Exeter/ Devon area, i have my own transport and very keen to learn from someone the tactics and skill with deer stalking. Please PM me if you can help. I am looking at shooting deer on MOD land as there are courses within the military. I have my own BASC insurance and over 10 years weapon safety experience.

    Anyway i hope that will start as an introduction



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    Welcome to the site Shooter 79. I'm sure you'll find helpful SD members in the SW area. Plenty of reloaders here.
    Cheers Pete.

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    Hi Shooter , welcome to the site. Not far away in Newton Abbot

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    deer stalking


    Do you deer stalk and if so any chance i could come out and see what its all about? I'm just looking to get out with some lads that know what their doing. I currently have an open cert and shoot, reload .223. I also shoot a Daystate Mk 3 RT. Also fully BASC insured.


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    P.M sent

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    Mate im in exmouth PM me a contact number and i can take you out.

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