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Thread: Buying Slugs in Germany

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    Buying Slugs in Germany

    As above, some friends and i are going boar hunting in Dec, anybody know of any problems or what we may need to buy slugs????

    Thanks in advance


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    You cannot just go out and buy 'slugs' by slugs I presume you mean Brenneke shotgun slugs.
    It would have to be the person arranging your invite to arrange for your slugs to be acquired ready for when you arrive.
    Good luck with your trip, I am off to Croatia next Thursday, hopefully, to shoot some too but I use a rifle.

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    Thanks for that,we are acctually hunting in poland,but flying into Berlin where we are going to stay for a day to have a look around, like yourself i use a rifle, but a friend is useing a shotgun this year....Good luck with your trip, you going with Frank???

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    I think it has to be on your Euro FAC to buy what you are taking to Europe, bit odd I am going through all this now as I want some ammo for my 8x57 .318 and had to put it specifically on my ticket, then it doesn't seem straight forward ..bloody red tape it is only going to get worse
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    Your European Firearms Pass does in itself not authorise anything. It merely extends the validity of your existing FAC to the jurisdiction of the country to which you are visiting for that period, should there be no objection or requirement from that Country.

    Best bet is to have your outfitter advise or arrange.


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    You will nedd a german visitor (tagesjagdschein) to purchase ammo in Germany and if you are not hunting there they will not issue one to you. Go to Frankonia Jagd located in the centre of Berlin near the old checkpoint charlie post to check out all the good stuff reloading bullets etc, a grand shop.
    If you do have a pal in germany he could buy the stuff for you but it is really an under the table purchase as the ammo detail is not entered onto his Jagdschein so cops cannot easily track what happens and folks are relativly easy about such goings on here if they know you are an ok hunter with a good reason to own but he needs to trust you.
    Not sure if I would risk it myself.

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    My Jagdschein didn't show what firearms I owned only that I was authorised to hunt.
    My firearms were entered on my Waffen Besitze Karte and on production of that I was OK to buy the ammo.
    In the case mentioned here the best bet is for the Hunt Organiser to arrange ammo for the guests, he will know what is required and undoubtably have access to it.

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