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Thread: shooting permissions

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    shooting permissions

    hi folks
    thought i would ask about shooting permissions
    i see a lot of people posting opertunities to come shoot onj their permission
    i just wanted to know was this legal i mean he might have a letter saying he has permission to shoot but i wouldnt be on that letter so how does it work.
    what worries me is taking up the offer and finding out the hard way that someday i am committing the offence of armed trespass which dont sound like much but unlike trespassing which is not a criminal offence
    armed trespass is

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    A letter of authority or 'permission' usually give the named person sole rights to control/manage Deer on the area mentioned, how he goes about it is his business and that is how invites get given out.
    You would, naturally, only be allowed on the Invited area in the company of, or in the locality of, the person inviting you.
    Hope this helps.

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