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Thread: Looking to break in to the deer stalking world

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    Looking to break in to the deer stalking world

    I'm looking to break into the deer stalking world but am unsure on how to go about this? I have my own permission and shoot .223 over 55 acres mostly for fox and would like to move up to deer. I am very keen, loading my own .223 rounds as a hobby. I have seen the deer cert 1 which seems like a reconised cert, is this true. I'm off to Afghanistan in March next year as i'm a Royal Marine but would like to get the ball rolling before i go. I am going to purchase a .308 rifle next year, do you think this will be the best caliber to go for and if so, can you suggest some weapons on the market? I live in Exeter and would like to meet up with some other deer stalkers for the experience if some one is interested in coaching me. I'm fully BASC insured with over 10 years of weapons safety under my belt. Please comment if you can help or even point me in the right direction, i will travel a little if needed (i.e Exmoor).



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    What is your budget ?

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    You might also want to post this in the General Discussion section, as you'll likely get more replies.

    If you ask 6 stalkers for their opinions on the best calibre you're likely to get at least 7 opinions Although I'm biased (because it's what I use) I think the .308 is an ideal round - it will cater for anything you're likely to find in the UK from muntjac to red. It will also be fine for boar. You're likely to find .308 ammo in any gunshop from 123gr up to 180gr. If you want to go target shooting there's plenty of surplus 7.62mm ammo as well.

    Regarding a rifle, as Ade has said, it will somewhat depend on your budget. With .308 there will be plenty of choice with both second hand and new rifles. Really the sky's the limit. The best advice I was given was to spend most of my budget on a scope and the remainder on the rifle. That said, my first choice for spending the budget would be binos, then scope, then rifle, on the basis that reflects the amount of use they'll get.

    One other suggestion would be to get in touch with Defence Deer Management, since they look after all the deer on MoD land. See

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    Being military if I were you I would look into joining the ddm (defence estates deer management) who control all deer matters over land owned by the MOD.

    You will get very good training in deer management and learn all you will need to know and will not be let loose on live quarry until you are competent.

    Plus it is the cheapest stalking out there apart from the free stuff.

    Best of luck and stay safe in Afghan.


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    As the others say, DDM is your best option by far.

    Best wishes for your tour in Afghanistan.

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