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Thread: a question for the experienced!!

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    a question for the experienced!!

    hi,just starting to reload,i don't want to blow myself up or kill myself or even set the house on fire,i have 100 once fired 223 federal cases,100 50gn sierra blitzking bullets,cci 400 small rifle primers,i have a speer manual 13ed and a lapua manual,but i don't have a sierra manual,my question is,may be a dumb one but none the less here goes,can i use a 50gn speer or a 50gn norma load as its the same weight of bullet it will be pushing out of the muzzle!!now by all means have a laugh at my expense for being green or ignorant but be gentle as you could scare me away from reloading if you all have a go at me at the same time!!

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    Within reason yes you can. You need to start low and work up. So begin with the starting loads and see how it goes.

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    Some manuals, like the Lee, don't name bullet brands or shapes specifically so all you get is a generic load for the bullet weight/powder combo.
    What you can do is have a look at the powder manufacturer site for the powder you're using and you'll probably find detailed load data there...

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    Several bullets warn against doing this. Specifically the Barnes offerings and the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw to name a couple. This is due to the friction of the bullet on the lands is quite different from other more general bullets. I'd be wary of loading most any "no lead," bullets with generic data as well as a couple others. Lee covers it bases by starting with a low but safe load so the advice above is right on--at any rate start low and work up. Beware with some powders you can go too low, causing an explosive situation rather than a regulated burn, so do not go lower than the lower suggested loads without some research first.

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    many thanks for the advice,the rifle i plan to use them in is a sako vixen heavy barrel 223 1 in 12 twist i'm told,i have a choice of varget powder or imr 4198 has anyone got any loads i can work with!!atb

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    Why are you asking for loads??? You have reloading manuals, correct? Look it up. There is no load with either powder that one shooter would recommend that is guaranteed safe in your rifle. If you are going to start reloading you ought to start out on the right foot: Find your powder, find your bullet (or bullet weight) and start at 5% below the lowest listed powder charge unless directed otherwise.

    Hate to sound harsh but you must do these things for yourself if you are going to stay safe and learn the process.~Muir

    As a friend of mine recently opined, "Reloading is not a referendum!"

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    His reloading manuals do not list the bullets he has and it can make a difference. I would agree in that rather than ask for loads, get your load data from the manual that matches your bullets rather than from a forum member. Here's a good site for load data and they include most manufacturer's bullets: and they list both of the powders you are asking about.
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    My bad, Sorry. It is only in very specialized situations that the make of bullet is of that much importance. Hodgdon's web site it a great source of info. I like the Lee manual because the loads were developed in conjunction with Hodgdon Powders, and as was mentioned, Lee seldom mentions anything other than weight of bullet.~Muir

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    This link below has some good info for .223
    It has links to various manufacture's guide's

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    Mr K:-, suggest that you get "ONE BOOK/ONE CALIBER", very reasonably priced, it has 2,437 proven and tested loads, 78 various bullet designs and 47 different powders, the only drawback is that it hasn't been up dated since 04 and some of the newer powders are not included, all the the above info is for the 223 only, mostly for bolt action but there is a few pages on AR-15's, hope this helps....callie

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