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Thread: fallow twins

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    fallow twins

    Saw a fallow doe today with two young,They were on a neighbours ground so had quite a long while observing them and at no point saw any other deer near them.I know fallow do occasionaly have twins but thought it was fairly rare.Havent seen it before around here but then it is hard to tell because most of the time they are in groups and you cannot tell whos young is whos.Just wondered what others have observed in their areas

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    over the last few years I hav seen a handfull of what I would cert as 100% twins
    and possibly shot about 3 sets of twins since taking on the piece of ground I am currently now on
    but it can be very hard to distinguish at this time of year if the 2nd of the fawns is just a follower or orphan as it's mother could well of been shot
    but in july I think you will be pretty damn sure wether they are twins or not
    I think I may still hav a picture somewhere but not sure
    will go hav a look

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